Monday, February 06, 2012

Overheard in my Grade Two Classroom, Post 3 (+ Some Work Sample Hilarity)

Overheard in the Grade 2, post 1
Overheard in the Grade 2, post 2

There is a bonus at the end of today's "Overheard" -- some work samples!  I found these way too humorous not to share.  Also: I never, ever intend this as a "take advantage of my students" thing... it's just so CUTE and FUNNY, I have to share!  Names are ALWAYS changed.


SCENE:  It's an indoor recess, and four of the girls are sitting together playing an imaginative game.  I can hear that they are all pretending to be moms of teenagers, explaining their game in full detail rather than just playing it (the way little girls do).  Then, they dive into character.  

Jenny, age 7: "You know what is really concerning me?  My 12-year-old daughter wants to dye her hair PINK."


SCENE: We're sitting in a Community Circle, about to pass our talking stick around and share a moment from our weekends.

Ms. Key: "Well, I feel like I just spent my weekend with all of you.  I was working on writing your report cards all weekend!"

Jason (of "french toast is classic" and "dad ate too many beans" fame): "Oh, THANK YOU, Ms. Key.  Thank you for writing our report cards."


SCENE:  I'm using a projector to explore Google Earth with my class, as we're just beginning a unit on mapping and the continents and oceans of the world.  I begin by showing the kids some places they've been before, such as Disney World.  I find Epcot and zoom in.

Lucy: "I've been to that giant golf ball before!"


SCENE: Two little girls are washing up paint brushes and art supplies.

Alexis:  "I LOVE to do this!  Even though I NEVER help out at home!"


Henry reflects on his "Organization" skills:

I totally get ya, Henry.  I am sooo into same-sex organizational strategies!  Be loud and proud about it!
 Jason reflects on his "Collaboration" skills:
Translation: "I get a personal space when we are dancing".  We did dance reflections after every lesson back in December, is this like post-traumatic reflection stress disorder?  "I have to REFLECT? Must. Write. About. Dance."  Also, so very collaborative in your PERSONAL SPACE.  C'moooon, my little friend, remember how you're SO GREAT at working with various partners?!
 Gregory reflects on his "Collaboration" skills:

Translation: "I won't hit, punch, or scream at other people".   That's good to know kid who already never hits, punches or screams at others.  Teach this lesson to some of your friends, would ya?

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  1. a student thanked you for writing report cards?! Awesome!!!


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