Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday!

My father is a massive football fan.  His team is the Green Bay Packers, so last year the Super Bowl was extra exciting at my parents house.  He has loved football since he watched the Packers win the Super Bowl when he was 4-years-old in 1964. The rest of his family is hockey obsessed and though he enjoys hockey, football is his most favourite sport to watch.  He played as a kid and on his high school teams, and now he coaches my youngest brother on his rep football team.

It was a miracle for my dad that my youngest brother took to football as much as my dad has.  I'm pretty sure that my dad is thrilled he and my mom had a surprise kid ten years after they thought they were done having children just because of how much football has become prominent in our lives.  My middle brother enjoys football, but played hockey growing up and always had other interests aside from watching Sunday games all day with dad.

Scooter, age 13?  He is obsessive with the sport.  He chose his own favourite team when he was very little, the Seattle Seahawks, and really enjoys having a rivalry with my dad.  They play the football video games together, they watch NFL Sunday Ticket all day and then catch the Monday Night Football most weeks.  I already mentioned that my dad coaches Scooter's rep football team, that's been going on for about five years now.  Scooter is in football camps starting in January, plays for a summer team and a fall team, and has a break for pretty much the month of December only.  That's they way HE wants it though, believe me.

Suffice to say, Super Bowl Sunday is a Big Deal, with two football fanatics in the house.  Mr. Lock and I will be visiting my parents to catch the game, and eat my grandmother's delicious chilli for dinner.  We don't have a specific team to cheer on this year, though I think we're supposed to cheer for the Giants because they're in the same conference as the Packers.

I honestly couldn't care less about football through most of the season, but I just cannot miss a Super Bowl Sunday.

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