Thursday, July 02, 2015


You see, I want to blog.  I want to keep updating it and reaching out and enjoying the social atmosphere that blogging provides online.


I just don't know what to write about!  You see, I live a pretty average life.  I have a wonderful husband, I take care of my dog, I watch TV, I spend time with friends, etc etc.. nothing overly crazy or interesting happens worthy of writing about it!  I often start a "new post", and then abandon the idea of writing anything because I do not know what to write about.

It's a bit sad, because I *love* the act of writing.  Even this post that is about nothing, I feel great typing it out.  I want to share and connect... I just have no particular story to tell at this time!

I think I get stuck with how much personal information to share, not having a blog that has reviews or other general information to put out there, and then having a totally average, not that exciting existence.  Not that I'm saying that in a bad way.  I love my life.  It is totally normal and full of things like "today I did the laundry" or "today I watched three episodes of Psych on Netflix".  It is a happy life, just not necessarily full of much blog fodder.

So, that's where I'm at right now and that's why I hardly update... I rarely know what to say!  I'm going to try to keep it going, but for now I will admit it, if you stumble upon this blog... it may be pretty dull reading the Journal of an Average Josephine (what is the female version of "Average Joe"?).

PS -- if anyone out there really is reading this and would like to toss out some topics I could write about, go for it in the comments!


  1. I'm always here. I love reading your posts! You could blog about your fav tv shows, how you love to clean with Norwex (lol), some parenting/child related posts through your experience as an amazing summer places to hangout.

    1. Thanks! You're such a great friend. Good ideas for posts, I'm going to dive in. I think the most important thing is I just keep up the act of writing, because I do enjoy it! :-)

  2. You can make up fake marital drama and write about that, if you want ;)


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