Monday, July 06, 2015


I've spent my first two weekends of summer up at my friends' cottages.  We no longer have a family cottage of our own, but I'm so lucky that two of my best friends have cottages we can visit for a weekend every summer.  The cottages had the added bonus of also being the location for celebrating two of our best friends turning 30!

The weekend weather was absolutely perfect, so we were able to be outside almost the whole weekend.  We sunbathed on the dock, read books, played cards and board games, had a campfire, and one of our friends who is a yoga instructor gave us a yoga lesson on the dock!  It was so peaceful, relaxing, and just plain FUN to be away with our Sitcom Group of Friends for the whole weekend.

There's just something so soothing and special about being by the water.  I love lounging in the boat reading a book as the lake gently rocks me.  The sound of children laughing and splashing in the lake from neighbouring cottages reminds me of my amazing childhood memories of time spent at my grandparents' cottage.

We had our family cottage from before I was born, until I was about 20.  My grandmother chose to sell it about a year after my grandfather passed away, fearing a family feud should something happen to her and my mom and her six brothers had to deal with selling it.  Fortunately, it's been about ten years and my grandmother is still going strong... but the cottage was more work than she could handle and my grandfather had wanted to sell it anyway, so her decision made sense for her.  We miss it a lot, having our own place on a lake.  We are often nostalgic for our memories there.  Rather than dwell sadly about it, however, I try to remember it as a wonderful piece of my life story, but to be okay with the changes that happen as life moves forward.

Following the sale of our cottage, my parents ended up putting in a pool in their backyard and we have certainly enjoyed that and have made many new memories of BBQs and pool parties at their house.  I've highly enjoyed having my friends over to swim, and always get a kick out of it when my friends with kids come by.

I also continue to appreciate the cottage experiences I get through my friends' families, and Mr. Lock's parents' too -- the first week of August, we will get to head up to the cottage they rent every summer.  I'm looking forward to it.

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  1. Cottaging is such a huge part of my summer too. I have been to a cottage every summer of my 39 years too. Can't imagine not being at s lake for even a few days. So relaxing, I agree. I love just sitting and looking at the water. Or listening to the silence. Peaceful and fun.


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