Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ways I've Been Productive Today

I had a day at home today because of an appointment.  I... was very tired and lazy, so then I figured I needed to list ways I was productive so I feel better about also being very lazy.  I was composing this in an email to Mr. Lock just so I could tell SOMEONE about my accomplishments, then remembered I've wanted to blog more and probably the reason I feel the need to SHARE is because I miss sharing the mundane moments of my life in this format.  So here goes:

1) Doctors appointment to start the day, alls well and such.

2) Emptied dishwasher/dealt with dishes by the sink.

3) Cleaned fish bowl (a HUGE accomplishment, really) (that poor fish, I'm tellin' ya).

4)  Finally dealt with a Service Ontario letter I received awhile ago about my VIN being incorrect... and... it WAS incorrect on my insurance slips.  So, good I found that paperwork and paid attention to it.  Emailed insurance broker to have mistake fixed.

5)  Submitted Scholastic orders and did a few emails for work related things.

6) Folded and put away my winter sweaters that were messy in our room.

7)  Folded and put away clothes on top of Gryphon's crate.

8)  Tried taking Gryphon for walk.  Epic fail.  Eff him and walking alone.  Browsed dogs for adoption out of frustration of him needing a friend to walk with.  (KIDDING.  Though I did browse a bit...)(I think Dr. McVet has trained him to not walk alone because she wants us to have more pets, must look into this conspiracy theory).

9) Caught up on my recorded episodes of the Ellen DeGeneres Show so the PVR was cleaned up a bit.  That's very, very important, afterall. (Yes, I record Ellen.  I'm addicted to her talk show.).

10) Brushed Gryphon thoroughly.

11) Erm.  Uh.  

Okay, that's it.

I think I'm going to refresh the look of my blog, in some simple fashion, and then try to get back to it.  I do miss it.  Gah!

So, that will be number 11 if I get that accomplished...  11) Refreshed blog.


  1. That is a lot of productivity. A lot of a lot!

    1. The trick is to list very small details separately so it appears like more was accomplished than really was!

  2. It's ok to have non-productive days once in a while, you know ;)

    1. True, but I've had way too many! Hahaha.


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