Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our pup, Gryphon!

Gryphon is five months old now (as of May 7).  He's been in our home since Valentine's Day.  He is AWESOME.

He loves being outside.  We put bells on our back door, and he rings them when he needs out.  He often rings them just to go hang out on the grass.  (Also, to eat the grass.)   We do not having fencing yet, but we have a stake in the ground so he is attached to a tie-out and we don't need to worry about him running off on us.

He is fluffy and soft and snuggly, with wonderful fur that does not shed.  Just how we like it!  If you sit on the floor with him, he will always move onto your lap while he chews on his toys.  He is a love-bug.

He is already pretty independent.  Often, he is sleeping under the kitchen table on the cool, tile floor.  Being fluffy, he doesn't seem to like the dog beds we have for him.  I can only assume he gets too warm, and so the tile or hardwood it is.  We like that he is already calm and settled for most of the day, as it should bode well for the type of adult dog he will be.

He is still joyfully playful!  He loves to chase a ball or his puppy-frisbee (a smaller, soft frisbee).  He really loves chasing tennis balls and brings them back.  He is learning to "leave it", he doesn't struggle to much if you reach to get the ball out of his mouth.  He seems to want us to throw it over and over again.  He is bouncy, and leaps over the short stairs to the backyard or to the front entry area of our houses.  It is fun to watch him bounce and jump like a classic wheaten terrier should!

He is quiet.  He will bark, but he doesn't bark that often.  He doesn't bark when someone comes to the door.  He barks when he is outside and someone is walking in the nearby park or if he can see someone walking on the street behind our house.  He stops pretty quickly though when told to or distracted by something else, like a toy.

He sleeps really well in his crate.  We have transitioned him to a larger crate since he is growing.  He doesn't whine or cry when crated, he seems to just curl up and have a nap.  He sleeps through the night and rarely bothers us in the morning to let him out, we usually have to let him out and give him time to stretch and then encourage him to come down the stairs to go out for the bathroom.  He is wonderfully lazy, like us!

He is smart.  He has learned some commands and tricks quite quickly.  However, he is also stubborn.  He won't go for a walk with just one of us.  He does walk if we both go, or if we walk him with my parents' dog.  This is our next area to work on, because we'd love to be able to talk him for more walks but he is stubborn!

All in all, we love him and are so glad we chose to add him to our family!

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