Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Organized Person Hidden Within

I like who I am.  I like myself quite a lot.  I feel like I'm a reflective person, who is understanding of my flaws, and who has very much accepted the adult I've become.  I feel like I am caring and kind, I always try to be thoughtful of others, and I appreciate the type of people I surround myself with as friends (also thoughtful, ambitious, supportive, and I love them very much).  I appreciate my relationship with my family, I am lucky for how close I am to so many family members.  I am proud of my relationship with my in-laws.  My husband is my best friend and I feel so lucky for that, too.

There is still this one type of person I wish I was.  Someone I think I've been perceived to be at various times in my life, but I just cannot keep up with it the way I wish I could...

I wish I was truly the hyper-organized person that I think I project I could be.

I wish I was able to have one of those ridiculously, Pinterest-inspired organized homes.  I wish I was all crafty about it, and used space in the most amazing and organized ways.  I wish I had a perfect place for all of my things.

I wish I was better at the scrapbooking hobby I thought I'd try, and thought I'd take off with as a special hobby of my own.  I wish I could organize my photographs and memories into adorable scrapbooks and then store them on shockingly well-organized family room shelves.

I wish I organized meal plans and shopping lists and used cool grocery and menu planning apps to work on having a budget as well as a plan to help with dinners.  I don't wish this as hard as the other things, because Mr. Lock is my amazing personal chef so part of me also just appreciates his role in cooking for the two of us.  But, as we move forward and one day our lives change to being working parents... I will need to step in to deal with meals (so they are earlier in the evening), and so I do wish I had the capability/time management/organizational skills to menu plan and grocery shop in a cool, mom-blogger way.

I wish my classroom was more organized.  I wish I didn't always have piles of paper on my desk just after finally sorting through the other pile of paper that was there.  I wish I had the energy and motivation to stay into the evenings and clean up my classroom and set up amazing centres the night before each school day.

Honestly... I think in various experiences I have had I have given off the impression that I am quite the organized person.  I have the mindset and the wish to be a hyper-organized person.  I can make suggestions for how others can be organized.  I own a million notebooks and and calendars and always want more.  I drool over storage solutions and home design plans to organize spaces...

I just don't quite have the motivation or skill to pull it off well.  I am either too busy, or too tired, to bother.  Maybe if I keep dreaming, I will eventually do better in this area.  (HA! Probably not.)

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  1. Ok seriously, I've said this before, but I REALLY mean it - I think you are my clone!

    People have the crazy idea that my life is organized - I have all of the right ideas, there is just something holding me back from putting them into pracise in my life......maybe if we put our heads together?


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