Sunday, April 27, 2014

Less than a month to go!

Mr. Lock and I have less than a month until our wedding day!!  Plans have all been coming along really well, things are going smoothly.  We've created our ceremony and have shared the plan with the officiant.  We have our cake flavours chosen.  We're working on some music selections, but mostly have those chosen, too.  We're just on the very fine details and little touches we want to add to make the event memorable and unique to "us".  The RSVPs are almost all in!

I'm feeling excited, and also a little nervous for the ceremony part and speaking in front of everyone.  I know it will be really nice, though.  I'm very much looking forward to being married!!!

So, less than a month!  I feel very ready, and not that stressed, so that's perfect!

Let's just hope for some nice weather!  It has been TOO COLD so far this spring... I hope May warms up!

Woo hoo!

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