Sunday, May 04, 2014

Bachelorette Party!

Our wedding is less than three weeks away now.  Talk about HOME STRETCH, omg!!!

I feel very prepared, but there's just a few things I know I really need to do asap that I must keep to the forefront of my mind otherwise I'll start to get a *wee bit* panicked.  However, for the most part, we're incredibly well-prepared and ready!  I will just have to remind myself of how well-prepared we are, so I don't start to feel worried unnecessarily!

This weekend, Mr. Lock had his Bachelor Weekend with his brother and friends.  I think it went well, I haven't heard details yet!  Last night, my awesome co-Matrons-of-Honour threw me my Bachelorette Night!

It was just the sort of night that was perfect for me.  It started with dinner, and there were only four of us at dinner but it was really great.  A few more ladies were invited, but they ended up having to cancel last minute, but all in all it worked out to be a nice meal.

Then, my very good friend Amanda from Multi-Testing Mommy joined us and we were off to go line dancing!  We went to the place Amanda and I go to a few times a year!  I just love it there!

For line dancing, a couple of other friends met us out there.  I hope everyone had a good time -- I sure did!  I joined in to LOTS of the line dances, and it was just awesome.  I love following along, even if I'm not quite doing it right, as I try to learn a few more combinations.  It's also great exercise, let alone how much fun we have!

I really had a good time with my few, close, best friends and that was all I was looking for in a Bachelorette night out.  It was so much fun.  Also, it was the last pre-wedding event until our rehearsal on May 23rd, and the big day on May 24th!  Suddenly, time is speeding by... next thing you know, I'll be one half of an old married couple!

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  1. I had a great time! LOVE line dancing with you!!! Wish we could do it every weekend! SO much fun. Glad you had a good night.


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