Thursday, April 03, 2014

Wedding Planning Update

Less than two months until our wedding day!  Lots happening!

1.  Dress fittings are done!  All that needed to be done with shortening the hem.  The dress is back in my grandma's closet, and will just go back for a final steam before the wedding day.

2.  Decorated our envelope box!  Quin was so great and loaned us her envelope box from her wedding, so I just needed to update the décor to match our wedding colours.  I enjoyed working with the glue gun, actually, haha.  Added some plum ribbon around the top edge, moved some white flowers to one side, and made a cascade effect of small plum purple and white flowers across the top and down the other side.  I think it turned out quite pretty!

3.  We have so many RSVPs back!  I've been keeping a spreadsheet, and we only have 47 out of 157 invited guests left to hear from!  Most people have been RSVPing yes.  I'm going to download our escort card template a.s.a.p and begin typing in guest names, then I just have to add the final table number later but at least one part would be done.

4.  One bridal shower down, and one left to go!  So looking forward to April 13th, seeing some good friends and family and enjoying a luncheon together.  I'm loving how much weddings bring family together! 

5.  This weekend is a meeting with the florist to discuss the bouquets and I'm hoping we'll make some final decisions.

6.  The guys have been measured for their tuxedos!

7.  We've chosen our cake in general, but we just need to make final flavour decisions -- hoping to come to a decision about that this weekend, too.

8. We've heard from our officiant and have some sample ceremonies to look through so we can discuss our ceremony plan in a meeting soon.

9.   Mr. Lock went and got our marriage license this morning!  So we are officially licensed to wed!

Things have been going smoothly so far!  Still quite a few things to do, but mostly I think it will turn out to be a great event.  I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together on May 24th!


  1. Less than one month remaining .... I hope your plans are going well and that you are enjoying the magical days leading up to your nuptials!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! We're really excited, and the planning has been going great! I'm so pleased with how everything is coming along. I really appreciate hearing from you, I love reading up on your family's happenings and am glad you're all doing well.


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