Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Things I'm Doing Since I Sure Ain't Blogging

I don't know where time is going!  I feel so busy these days!

Things I'm Currently Doing:

- packing!!!  We move out of our condo on SATURDAY.  Then, it's two weeks of living at my parents' house.

- working on assessment and report cards -- due to our Principal on Friday, Jan. 31

- dealing with paperwork and banking and all these grown up things to prepare for our move

- browsing furniture and home décor websites dreaming and scheming about what I'd like to do at the new house

- spending time with family, working on wedding plans and coordinating my mom and Mr. Lock's mom for bridal shower plans

- planning and preparing my lessons for teaching my awesome SK/1 class
So, it is a hectic and busy time... but it's also so exciting, we are getting so close to getting in to our house!  I am just so eager to see it, and while it will take some time to set it up and decorate it the way we want it (and get used to our new financial burdens, haha), I am loving this time in my life!

(Once I move, I'll need to start reviewing the 2014 Academy Award nominees, because I will need to prepare for my Oscar Night bet with my family!  Can't let that slide!)

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