Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What a week!

This is my first week commuting further from work in awhile.  Last weekend, I moved out of the condo and back into my parents house.  I'll be living here for two weeks, and then on February 7th we close on our new house!  So, then we move our stuff AGAIN.  At least right now it is just being stored at our parents' houses, we didn't have to unpack/repack.

I'm having quite the week... first of all, report cards are due Friday and my weekend was so busy that I didn't work on them then.  I've been slowly chipping away at them, working on them when I can during the school day on my prep times, but now I really need to use tonight and tomorrow night wisely to ensure they are finished.  They are A LOT of work.  A LOT.

Secondly, my teaching partner (my DECE) is away, and has been since last Wednesday.  While teaching the whole program myself would be easy enough, it's difficult at this time to have a supply DECE and have all the usual routines thrown off.  I'm used to having my DECE there now, and she has particular things she's responsible for, so it does make it different and a little more stressful for her to be away.  So that's making this week difficult in some ways.

Then, I have crazy stories as far as parking and getting to work on time goes...with this new commute, I didn't give myself enough time on Monday considering the snowy weather and the number of accidents on the way to work.  I left at 7:30 am, which in better weather would have been fine, but I got stuck in traffic and didn't get to the school until 9 am!  I had called ahead, and the DECE started the day and all was fine, but I was disappointed that I ended up being there right at the bell.

THEN... I went out at lunch hour, and I had an expensive ticket on my front windshield!  We don't have enough parking for the number of staff members we have, and so I parked on the street where we've been told we can park.  Turns out, because of the weather, a snow plow had to come by and I got a ticket for blocking the snow plow.  Super annoying since where I work wasn't so snow covered that I would have expected a snow plow, PLUS, I would have had no other option for where to park for work.  I'm so grumpy about this ticket.

Tuesday, I did a lot better.  Left here at 7:10 am, and took a different route, and got to school at 8 am!  So much less stressful.

So, today, I was all ready and went out to start my car at 7:15 am.  Car wouldn't start, dead battery.  I go wake up my dad to ask for a boost, but we can't get the hood of my car open!  Long story short, the release latch for the hood was bent.  We had to call and wait for CAA, and they figured out how to open it and boosted my car.  I quickly took my mom's car to work, and she took my car to Honda for repair -- I'm so thankful for my supportive family!

I ended up calling the school and had someone cover for me for first period because by the time I got to work it was 9:40 am!  What an ordeal.  I would have just taken my mom's car to work right away, but my car was parked across the bottom of our driveway since I'm staying here and there aren't enough parking spaces for all of us, so I was blocking every other car in!

This has been a STRESSFUL first week being out of my condo, which was a five minute drive to work and had a parking garage to protect against the bitter cold.  Not such a great start, but all I can do for now is laugh it off... maybe the universe will be kinder when I move to my new house in a week and a half?

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