Friday, January 03, 2014

Phew! A Productive Friday!

Now that my winter break is coming to an end, I'm lucky to have some quieter days.  Yesterday, I slept in, read a lot, and just lounged around watching TV.  I really took it easy!  I needed it. Today, it was back to being productive, getting ready for our big move(s)!

Here are things I got done today:

1)  Took down and packed up all of the Christmas decorations and our tree -- ready for my parents to pick it up tonight and store it at their house before our move.

2) Spoke to my insurance broker and lined up our home insurance, and gave him the lawyer information so everything can be forwarded before our closing date (February 7th!!!).

3)  Booked the elevator for the big move out of our condo (moving our furniture mostly) -- Saturday, January 25th is the day!  We move our furniture out of here, and start living at our parents houses for a couple of weeks.  This gives us a few days to come back here and do a big cleaning of the condo before turning in our keys to our landlord (we have the place until January 31st, but since that's a Friday we feel it's better to move out on the weekend before).

4)  Arranged to have our kitchen appliances delivered on Saturday, February 8th.

5)  Packed another box here with all of our board games, ready to go to my parents house for storage.

6)  Finished off some laundry for the week, washed dishes and unloaded the dishwasher.

7) Paid off some bills online!

Now, there are lots of things I haven't done for school... but there's still time to get that stuff done (I wanted to start getting organized for writing first term report cards, but we'll see... I can always do that next week in the evenings).  Tonight I'm off to the viewing for my Great-Uncle who passed away, and then tomorrow most of our day is taken up with the funeral and burial services.

All in all, though, a very productive day -- so satisfying!  We have three weeks left in our condo, and while I will miss it, I am getting SO excited for our new house!  This week my goal is to pack our movies, books, and small extras that we don't actively need while still living here so I can take a few more boxes out of here next Saturday to store at my parents house.  Each time I go there, I try to take a few more things out of the condo to make our move that much smoother.

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  1. LOVE productive days! I had quite a productive break - lots of organizing/decluttering! Feels to light - LOVE it!

    I'm so sorry again to hear about your Great Uncle :(


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