Tuesday, October 08, 2013

What My Students are Thankful For...

Today we began discussing the upcoming Canadian October holiday.

No, no, it ISN'T Halloween yet!

My students (keep in mind I teach senior kindergarten and grade one) were so hilarious this afternoon!  I mentioned that a holiday for some families to celebrate together is coming up this weekend, and they were so stuck on the idea of Halloween!  I had to remind them of Thanksgiving, and of the Thanksgiving traditions that some of their families might have.  Then, we were sharing what we are thankful for so we could complete a short writing activity.

Well!  As we went around our community circle to each take a sharing turn about something we were thankful for, I discovered my students are VERY THANKFUL for... you guessed it, Halloween!

Also for trick-or-treating, costumes, pumpkins, and mom's who make special Halloween cookies.  Halloween was all the rage.

We had ANOTHER review of some of the OTHER things we could be thankful for, as I tried to gently lump Halloween into the topic of "I am thankful for special celebrations" in general... and yet, much of their writing was STILL about being thankful for Halloween!

Halloween is such a kid-friendly holiday, definitely an event they remember from last year, and are eagerly anticipating this year.  I'm going to try to make Halloween extra fun for my students, after hearing how excited they are for it!  I think we'll decorate our drama centre just like people decorate their homes.  Maybe we should even get started next week!

I'm thankful for my adorable students, who make my job so fun, and who give me a laugh with their personal interpretations of  the questions we ask them.

I'm a little thankful for Halloween, too.


  1. Hi Steph!
    I don't know if you sing songs with your kids in class but I have a good Halloween one I use with my kids. They absolutely adore it and they're the same age group as yours. It goes as follows:

    I hear a bang bang bang
    On the door door door
    A ghost, a witch, a pumpkin, a skeleton and more
    I hear a bang bang bang
    On the window too
    A knock, knock, knock
    They want to get you
    It's Halloween night

    If you're interested, I can sing it for you and send you the MP3. (It doesn't seem to exist anywhere on the web!)


    1. Sounds like a cute song, Heather! Thanks for sharing it with me! If you don't mind sending me an MP3 so I can hear the general tune, that would be awesome. :-)


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