Monday, October 21, 2013

Reality TV Me

Lately I've been watching a lot of TLC, or The Circus Side-show Channel as our guy friends have dubbed it.  I can't help it, it's great background TV when you've got nothing else going on.  I'm not even ashamed to admit it, I'm obsessed lately with The Little Couple, Long Island Medium, and yes... oh yes... I even watched the whole past season of Sister Wives.  I think I like these shows for the same reason why I like blogging - I can peek into the lives of others, and damn if I'm not fascinated by the lives of others.

I've realized, as I've struggled lately to have any blog fodder even, that if I were a TLC reality show we would have to rename it to "TBC" or, "The Boring Channel".  I mean, somehow The Little Couple showing us that they are cleaning out their linen closet is made to be interesting... but if you watched me pack away my spring/summer clothes this weekend, I'm certain you'd never be as enthralled!

I can just picture these cameras following me around my one-bedroom condo.  Catching all my famous weekday evening moments on tape -- sitting and watching TV on the couch.  Watching TV while typing on my computer, checking Facebook.  Making a cup of tea, and then reading a book in bed.  Oooh, the DRAMA.

I suppose Tuesday nights would be more interesting, as the camera crew would follow me to my tap class and maybe some of the other women would be entertaining there.  If I had a get together with my friends on the weekend, that might make for some entertainment.  We could showcase a board game, or, you know, they could film us watching the Saturday night hockey game, on, oh yes, TV.

Honestly, I think the show would have to be less about my life, and much more about Mr. Lock.  He could cook, and then give away strategies for playing Starcraft.

I suppose my life is mostly interesting at school, but then all the kids' faces would be blurred out, and anyway, that show would be less about MY life and much more about kids sayin' the darndest things.

Yup, "The Boring Channel"... thankfully NOT coming soon to your cable provider!

Now back to watching this repeat episode of The Little Couple, which I already watched yesterday and yet have still left on to watch again this evening.  TLC, you are an addictive devil of a channel.

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  1. No, I've got it! The cameras should follow us line dancing - now THERE would bound to be some interesting stories, right?!

    I think your life is plenty exciting :)

    The only show I watch right now on tv is the sopranos!

    Glad to see you post!


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