Thursday, July 04, 2013

Off to Rick's Cottage!

Rick's lake, pic from Summer 2012
I am so looking forward to this weekend!  Tonight, we are heading to Rick's cottage for our annual weekend up there.  I love this weekend for a few reasons - spending time lounging by the lake in the fresh air, and having another fun experience with my besties - the Sitcom Group of Friends.  This year, another couple is joining us -- our other best friend from University, and his girlfriend (whom we really, really like!).  There are now 9 of us in this tight-knit and slightly inter-married group from University, 8 of us will be up North (as Tobey is doing an improv show in the Fringe Festival in Toronto this upcoming week -- wicked cool!).  We are such a family, and I love us and our adventures.
The cottage, pic from Summer 2012
This weekend should feature the following: reading in the boat as the lake gently rocks us, lounging in the sun on the dock, swimming in the (probably) cold lake, roasting marshmallows by a fire, singing songs together by the fire, and playing a multitude of board games (we're bringing Balderdash and Cranium as a start!).  We will consume a lot of food and drinks, laugh over old memories, hear witty remarks from the guys about a variety of subjects, and generally enjoy each others company as well as the fresh, cottagey air.

I miss my family's cottage, which was sold about 8 years ago.  I'm just so glad, and so lucky, that we get to take over Rick's parents' cottage for a weekend every summer.  This year we've also been to Mac's family cottage, which is also a beautiful spot.  So, since Dr. McVet and Quin married well into cottage-owning families, I luck out too!  Way to go, ladies!

So, here's hoping for good weather, good drinks, and much laughter!  Off to the cottage we go!
Love boating, pic from Summer 2012

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