Tuesday, July 02, 2013

It's SUMMER! Here's a huge update about my life!

Today was my final morning of going in to my school for this past school year.  I am officially on summer break!  I had a lot of boxes to lug around, because next year I'm moving back down to the first floor of our school.  I have very exciting news -- I've secured a permanent teaching position in my school!  I still have to sign the paperwork, but FINALLY!  I'll be teaching a senior kindergarten/grade one combined grade class next year.  We will have the full-day kindergarten program, so I will also have a designated Early Childhood Educator teaching with me.  Over the summer, I have a bit of homework as I prepare for a whole new program yet again!

Life has been SO good to me this year... I got engaged, bought a house, AND now a permanent teaching position!  All is VERY well!  2013 rocks, haha.

Here's our home in progress... I am so shocked by how quickly it is going up!

It is a semi-detached home, we have the unit on the left.  We don't close until February, but they are making amazing progress on the framing!  I will be back to having a commute to work, but that's okay with me!  It can be very nice to live in a different town than where you teach.  For example, if I wasn't so close to my current school then maybe I wouldn't have already bumped into one of my students this summer (yesterday, one of my grade fours from this past year).

Wedding planning is going smoothly.  I've already bought my wedding dress!  First day out shopping.  I'm pleased, I'd like to just keep checking things off the To Do list, and then have a fun event.  We've met a DJ we like, so I think our next step is to finish booking their services.  So that's venue (ceremony/meal/bar), officiant, gown, and now DJ done.  I've also been working on photography, as I think we are going to go the route of using friends-who-are-great-photographers rather than paying thousands for a specific professional company.

So, three amazing things!!!  Now that summer is here, I plan to be blogging more regularly again.  The school year took a lot out of me, but now I'm ready to relax and enjoy July and August until I'm back at it again.

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  1. Wow! What a start to the summer.

    Congrats on the full time position :) That is AMAZING news!

    And how exciting - your house has walls....kind of! SO exciting!


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