Monday, July 08, 2013

List-Making Monday: Summer Goals

It's a big plus as a teacher having this time off in the summer months, I totally appreciate my good fortune.  However, I'm not always the type who can just sit still and relax... I always seem to need something to do during the day... otherwise, I feel antsy and unproductive!  Mostly, I use a good portion of the summer as preparation time for the next school year, especially since I keep changing grades and classrooms.  I also do some errands or have some hobbies that I don't always get through during the school year when I'm tired after a long work day.

I have decided to make a list of some summer goals, things I would like to accomplish in Summer 2013.

1) Blog at least three times a week -- if not more.  I definitely slacked on blogging this last school year, it was just such a hectic and busy teaching period.  I am eager to blog all summer, to get back into the habit.

2) Create my class lists, day plan template, and schedule template for September.

3)  Continue to explore and collect items to create a more nature-inspired, plastic-free classroom environment next year.  There is a big push for eco-friendly and more natural products in the classroom, so this summer I plan to start collecting items that I'd like to use when I set up my room at the end of August -- wicker/wooden baskets rather than plastic bins, mason jars, and some natural "found" items like a collection of seashells when I'm in South Carolina in a few weeks.

4) Explore recipes and cook a new and (hopefully) delicious meal for Mr. Lock (since I'm home and he's at work, least I can do is cook once and awhile.... haha).

5)  Read through the Full-Day Kindergarten curriculum document and the "Thinking it Through" ETFO full-day kindergarten resource in preparation for September.  Review and remind myself of the grade one curriculum document.  Try to create a long-range plan template for my SK/grade one split based on common themes.

6)  Develop my overall unit plan for the Eric Carle "Global Read Aloud" that I'm eager and excited to participate in with my students this year.

7)  Help my bridesmaids choose their bridesmaids dresses for my wedding (we've got the venue, ceremony officiant, DJ, and my wedding dress -- now on to the bridesmaids dresses!).

8)  Visit with my family and enjoy their swimming pool a few times a week -- there does need to be SOME down time!  I also get a lot of reading done by the pool, so I can bring my resources there to read.

9)  Finish at least 6 novels over the summer just for fun.  I just finished my first, This Charming Man by Marian Keyes.

10)  Since I think there should be 10... visit with my very good friends whose kids I also love, since the day time hours are available right now to do so!

I have a few other miscellaneous errands -- I need to renew my license plate sticker for example, and am hoping to do that this afternoon.  I am also enjoying searching for potential house decorating and classroom decorating ideas online, and am catching up reading and responding to blogs I enjoy.  I'm also entering a ton of contests -- let's see what I can try to win this summer!

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  1. Well your good friends will certainly be MORE than excited to be able to spend some time with you this summer!!!


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