Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

I have to be honest, these days Easter mostly just means a four-day weekend.  My family does not follow religious traditions, and so after growing up past the Easter Bunny... ah well.  This weekend is just a nice four days off work for me (since as a teacher I get the Monday off).  Tonight I was invited to have a nice dinner with Mr. Lock's family, though, which will be really lovely.  I'll look forward to when I have kids of my own, and Easter can be made fun again with some Easter Bunny stuff.

I have to admit, Easter was barely on my radar this year...  I didn't even plan any Easter activities at school last week.  However, when you work in the Public system, you don't have children who all celebrate the same holidays. Then, you do have children who still believe in the Easter Bunny (or Santa Claus)... and you've got a mess on your hands as some kids tell others "____ isn't REAL"... but you don't want the childhood magic to disappear. I just decided to leave this particularly religious holiday alone.  At Christmas, there are many other holidays to do art for or enjoy all at the same time... this time around, eh.  We did some lovely spring art two weeks in a row, that's close enough.

What Easter does mark?  The last 12 weeks of the school year.  I cannot believe how fast time is already flying in 2012.  I am really enjoying my class this year, I just love my kids.  I can honestly say that I'd appreciate time slowing down a bit, I'm not ready to let these guys go!  I do look forward to summer and all the fun it brings, but I'd like to let these 12 weeks ease by, since there's still so much fun to be had with my current group of students.

Well, I hope you're having a lovely Easter, or Passover, if you're seeing family or observing religious or secular traditions this weekend.  I'm enjoying that there's some nice sunny weather, and some extra days off work before the home stretch in the spring at school.

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