Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Her Future.. So Bright! As in, Spotlights on a Stage Bright!

There's a particular student in my class who has said a few gems. They really should be included in an "overheard in the grade two classroom" post.  She's a bit of a girly-girl.  A "valley girl" as it were.  One day a few months ago the kids were talking to each other about the playground and she says:

"Give me a pole and I'll climb it!"

I mean...  to put it lightly... I LAUGHED MY ARSE OFF, to myself.  Fortunately I was across the room!  How wrong is it that my first thought was actually "Yep... I could see you in that job, you know, just to put yourself through college."

Just the other day, this same girl was absent in the morning.  It turned out she had a dance competition.  I missed the first part of the conversation when I was coming to my rocking chair to take afternoon attendance, I suppose she was telling the other kids that she was late because of her "ballet dancing".

All I heard as I approached my rocking chair was this same girl saying:

"It's illegal to belly dance in this country until you're 18."

As I've come to understand it, she had said BALLET and then some boy in the class kept saying she was BELLY dancing.  

I will be so intrigued to see where her future leads her.  Gosh I hope my students look me up when they're adults and fill me in on their adventures.


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  1. You should tweet out your giveaway - I bet you'll have some takers, including the #Toronto hashtag and you'll get RTs!

    I love the sayings that kids come up with!

    Thanks so much for changing my button :) I'm smiling, you're a doll!


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