Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wear Pink, Stand Up Against Bullying

Tomorrow, April 11th, is "Wear Pink Day" at my school, and hopefully many others.  It's an anti-bullying campaign day, and we're encouraging students at our school to all wear pink to demonstrate that we do not agree with bullying, that we will take a stand to end bullying in schools, and that we are a school family united in this endeavour.

My grade twos are very cute about it.  A few of my boys were worried because they don't have pink clothes, and they wanted to know if they could wear red or purple.  It was adorable, I loved that they want to get involved. I told them I'll try to find pink accessories and costume stuff (boas, scarves, necklaces etc) so that hopefully everyone can have something pink.  One of my little guys, who is so caring, was so appreciative that I was going to do that.

I hope my little group of twenty kids each year, whom I work so hard with to teach equality, human rights, and charitable giving, will not make the choice to be bullies when they get older.  I so hope their sweet nature at this age, which comes out during fairly deep discussions about our differences and how to appreciate them, is lasting.  I always teach my students, "If we were all the very same, life would be boring!  We should never put someone down for being different, we should be happy they are trying to make life interesting!".  My kids love this mantra, and I really do have an inclusive classroom environment each year.

So, wear some pink tomorrow or at least have your children wear some.  We need the bullying, and the inappropriate treatment of others, to end.  Have some conversations at home as parents about how to treat others with dignity and respect, and I promise you that I'm on the other side as a teacher doing the same thing.  I hope others in my profession are putting as great an emphasis in their classrooms on social-emotional well-being as I am.

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  1. That is awesome that your school is doing that. There was a day back in February that was National Wear Pink Day against Bullying - my daughter and I wore pink proudly!


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