Monday, March 05, 2012

List-Making Monday: Things I Want to BLOG About

There are always so many topics I want to blog about, and then time goes by so quickly and I don't write the posts!  I'm going to be playing catch-up soon... here are a whole bunch of great things I want to write about, look out for these posts soon!

1) There was a Random Act of Kindness sort of thing in my building, it was so uplifting!

2) I made disaster cupcakes for Oscar Night -- seriously, I'm not a Sweet Genius, that's for sure.

3) Mr. Lock and I went to bottle his wine.

4) I received a gorgeous cardigan sweater courtesy of Mark's (formerly Mark's Work Wearhouse).  So excited to review it!

5) I received samples of Burt's Bees Solutions for Sensitive Skin products because I'm a BzzAgent!  Trying the face wash and day cream for the first time today -- will review it once I've tried it a few times and get a sense for it.

6) School stories -- the kids always have me laughing, and I have a few very heart-warming stories about a couple of boys in my class who are making some great progress lately.

7) My BFF Quin and her fiance, Mac, just bought their first home!  I want to share a bit about that, and my excitement for them!

8) I have a post about a storage solution tip for kitchen cupboards that I took pictures for AGES ago, and then never wrote up.

9)  I want to beg Mr. Lock to write some guest posts, possibly food posts as he is a stellar cook!  He made a great dinner for our friends on Saturday night, including a chocolate mousse for dessert -- so yummy!

10) I need to write up some book reviews for books I've been reading lately.

Okay, so there are quite a few post topics there that I need to get working on.  At least I've given you a bit of a preview!  I'll get more organized soon and get these posts up.  Then you'll be all caught up with my life lately!

I'd love to say I have some exciting post to write about the upcoming March Break, but honestly... I have no plans, haha.  Maybe catch up on a good book, and rest and relax?  Ah well, it might not make for great blog fodder but that certainly sounds lovely enough to me at this point.


  1. You always have so much to write about! I'd love to see some of Mark's recipes. I need some serious inspiration. :-) Heather

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of posts to write - now quit writing a post about WHAT you have to write about and share your stories girl! LOL!

    What a great post idea :)

    Oh and please will you consider taking captchas off of your comment system? Pretty please?


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