Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's "Probably Nothing" {EDITED}

EDITED TO ADD:  Okay, spoke to the doctor's office this morning.  My blood tests were fine, and the other tests for my annual physical were fine, but apparently for some test or another I need to come back in six months instead of 12, because they didn't "get the cells" they need to test or something?  Whatever.  It's okay, it didn't seem like a big deal, but I just have to go back in 6 months instead of a year.  Phew!!!  Still isn't fun to wait to call a doctor's office back!!!


I got home from work today, and at 4:45 pm noticed I had a new voice mail on my home phone.  I clicked play.

"Ms. Key, this is Dr. Doctor's office calling.  Can you please return the call at 555-1234?  Once again, I'm calling from Dr. Doctor's office.  Thank you."

The message was left at 11 am this morning.  I try calling back, and only get voice mail - they're probably already done for the day.

So, of course now I have to wait until TOMORROW to find out what they are calling about.  Three weeks ago I had my annual physical and blood work.  MOST LIKELY they are calling about the blood work, the past few years I've received calls -- first my iron was low, the next year my iron was fine but my B12 was low.  I didn't have a blood test last year, but this year I made sure to.  I still take B12 supplements regularly.  I'm darn near certain it's a call related to the blood test, I have no other symptoms of anything else possibly being wrong.

The thing is, being that it's been THREE WEEKS, I wasn't expecting them to call any more.  I figured I was outside of the window now of "we'll call you only if we see something concerning"!  I figured that would happen within two weeks of the appointment, maybe.  Three seems a bit long to wait if you're DYING.

So, anyway, of course, I'm anxious now!  It's no fun knowing the doctor's office wants you to call them, and then not being able to get through again until THE NEXT DAY!  I know for privacy reasons they can't say much on their voice mail, but a heads up over what they're about to tell me about would be nice!  Now I'm left to think about all the Worst Possible Situations!

I'm such a hypochondriac, this is SO NOT COOL!!!

So, it's "probably nothing", but STILL.  Now I have to WAIT.  AND THIS COULD BE THE END.

Do you watch Modern Family?  There was an episode this season in which Phil missed a call from his doctor's office and then proceeded to fear the worst throughout the episode.  Mr. Lock reminded me of it when I texted him that I missed this doctor's call myself today.  I feel EXACTLY like Phil did in that episode.

So, if I make it through the night, you'll hear from me again tomorrow.   If not... nice knowin' ya!

Eh... it's "probably nothing".  RIGHT?!  RIGHT?!


  1. Yes, it's probably nothing. I totally get how hard it is, but try not to focus on this! There is nothing you can do right now. Hugs. Breathe.

  2. Big hugs!!

    So it's 11:47am now...any news???


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