Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Apple Tree With Lovers

I was looking at my Google Analytics, and one of my favourite keyword searches that somehow led someone to this website was “apple tree with lovers”.

I cannot for the life of me figure out which posts of mine connect with the phrase “apple tree with lovers”. However, you can bet I’m going to use that phrase a few more time so I can become the number one apple tree with lovers search engine result.  Always aim for the top, amirite?  Apple tree with lovers.  Apple tree with lovers.  Apple tree with lovers.
I mean, are they speaking about the bible story of Adam and Eve?  That’s an apple tree with lovers kind of story, isn’t it?  I don’t know, I don’t really have much of a religious background.
Are they speaking of my friends, Quin and Mac, who took engagement photos in an apple orchard last fall?  I didn’t post those pictures or write about those photos, but I guess those pictures are apple tree with lovers sort of photos.
Yes, I have read the Twilight stories, and the first one has that well-known hands-holding-an-apple image associated with it.  Haven’t necessarily blogged an epic post over my thoughts about Twilight, though.  (Um, has anyone?)  I guess that would be an apple tree with lovers sort of novel, however.
I’m a teacher… but that only explains the apple.  And even then, I don’t even use the stereotypical apple as symbol for this site.
Apple tree with lovers.
Apparently it brought visitors here TWICE, so if you are back a third time... what were you searching for, and how did you get here from that?
I’m on a prep at work, which is again why I didn’t write a post about all the topics I keep meaning to write about (as listed yesterday).  I need my photos that accompany them, but those are on my home computer.  I haven’t had much time at home to blog, so it just hasn’t been happening.  I’ll work on that.
For now, you get this.  Apple tree with lovers.
If you blog, tell me some of your hilarious Key Word searches that led people to your blog... ones that completely perplex you!

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