Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring! Also... REVIEW for Marks!

It's the first day of spring, and also a much better day for my mood.  Phew!  I slept a little better last night, it makes a big difference.

In trying to dress a little more appropriately for this "summer" weather, I decided to wear a new cardigan from Mark's (formerly Mark's Work Wearhouse), which I was fortunate enough to receive to review.  This is from the new spring/summer 2012 line.  This is an image of the cardigan.  It's the Denver Hayes Floral Printed Cardigan.
I wore it today over a black tank top, with a pair of skinny jeans and black flats.  It was a really complete-yet-easy-to-put-together outfit, and the sweater was very comfortable for the hot weather with it's 3/4-sleeves.  It's a short sweater, so you do need to wear something longer underneath.  My favourite thing about this sweater are the fine details - there are some small, black beads on some of the flowers and there are clear jewel-like buttons.  It just dresses up a casual outfit just the right way.

I felt great wearing this, and was surprised by the fact that three different co-workers complimented me on my sweater today.  I was able to tell them all I got it from Mark's, and they all commented on how there is "some really great stuff there now", and how surprised they are by how the store has changed.  I think this sweater is a great example of some of the high-quality, stylish-yet-affordable clothes you can get at Mark's.

I'm eager to go shopping for more outfits for this spring and summer, and am now drooling over some of the Denver Hayes products on the Mark's website (such great prices too!  That's very attractive, indeed!  I mean, seriously, you can go to the "bottoms" section of the women's wear, and the only option for "sort by price" is "Less Than $50".... the ONLY option!  FOR PANTS! UNDER $50 ONLY!).  With the early arrival of summer heat (though I know it might not last yet), I'm eager to pull out my summer wardrobe and see what new items I might need (okay, okay want, but whatever!) to add to it this year.

So, overall a much, much better day than yesterday - phew!  Thanks, Mark's, for sending me a fantastic piece for my spring wardrobe, and for giving me a boost of confidence after a rough day yesterday.  It was nice to receive a few compliments and lift my spirits!

Now for me wearing the sweater... a couple of photos I took myself.

Super cute, amirite?!


  1. You make that cardi look even better! Seriously, such a great fit for you. Happy to help you get some compliments! Heh. Thanks for such an awesome post : )

    --Rayanne Langdon, High Road Communications (on behalf of Mark's)

    1. Thank YOU for such a great opportunity! I love this sweater! haha.

  2. You look hot girl! I love that cardigan on you!!!


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