Thursday, March 22, 2012

Confessions from a "Clean Freak"

Being that I'm a bit of a hypochondriac (part of the GAD, I imagine), I really like my living space to be pretty clean.  However, that being said, I'm also a great procrastinator and have very lazy spells after a long day with my kiddos at school.  This means that while I gripe about the state of my condo because I wish it were perfect, perfect, perrrffffeecctt all the time... it does tend to get cluttered and dusty before I do get around to cleaning it.  Eh, I guess you could just call me "your average human being" on that front.

However, if someone is coming over... I go to town!  I really don't like people seeing my clutter, or having to use my kitchen or bathroom if it hasn't be thoroughly scrubbed!  It's the Monica Geller in me, I swear it.  Most of the time, though, I probably clean thoroughly, in what I'd imagine is a traditional way, every two weeks.  I wipe down surface areas as needed, of course, and occasionally dust once a week.  I really can't stand to leave a spill on my stove or anything - that I always clean up immediately, and dishes are fairly promptly taken care of.

My friends generally know me as a "clean freak", but I have some confessions to make about that.

1) My bedroom is a mess, almost all of the time.  I cannot seem to de-clutter my dresser, even when I try to.  It clutters up within a day after finally being cleared off.  I try to put all my clothes away, but there's that one special chair that seems to get piled up again as the week goes on.  I have a few boxes and bags around that I don't quite know what to do with.  My mother has trouble believing how "neat freak" I am about this place, because growing up my bedroom was always cluttered... and still to this day, as clean as I keep the rest of the space, my bedroom is never well-organized.

2) I really, really hate to vacuum.  I still DO IT, of course, but only every couple of weeks and ... sometimes only when I know people are coming over.  Now, I live in a small space by myself and don't have any pets.  If the place begins to LOOK like it needs to be vacuumed I won't hesitate to do it.  However, it's my most despised chore.  Always has been.  I actually really like all of the scrubbing type of cleaning, even cleaning toilets never bothers me, but vacuuming?  Ugggggh.  Such an irritating task!

3) There are some drawers you do not want to open around here.  I definitely need to do a "spring cleaning" task of going through drawers and organizing them better.  I have more than one "junk drawer" where I keep all those little things I don't quiet know what to do with.  I can be so organized in so many ways, but sometimes it just breaks down and stuff just gets, well, stuffed into a drawer.  Or two.  Or three.

So there.  I'm a clean freak in a lot of ways, but there are my confessions.

Except now I'm honestly in the mood to get some cleaning done before seeing my friends this weekend, so I'm about to blast some music and have myself a fantastic Thursday night.

Um.  Yeah.  Just call me Monica.

(Friends is my go-to TV series when I'm anxious at night, so it's still relevant to me, mmmkay?).

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  1. LOL this post made me giggle - I'm a clean freak in my heart - messes gross me out - clutter eats away at me, but you would never EVER know it to look at my house - it is a mess all.of.the.time and it drives me NUTSO! I apolagize now for all of the times that you see our messes :(


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