Friday, March 23, 2012

Bell TV: A Rant

I posted a few Tweets in a row last night, ranting about Bell Canada and their TV services.

They make me want to pull my hair out of my head and scream, frankly.

I grew up always having Bell home phone and Bell Internet, but Rogers TV.  We never bundled, don't really know why.  When I moved to my condo, I was in the great Bell vs. Rogers debate... looking through some flyers and trying to research online.  I did not want to pay an arm and a leg for my phone/Internet/cable.  Just as I was moving in here, Bell came around offering a fantastic deal -- no install fees, no rental on the cable box (for a year, it turned out, but whatevs).  I ended up going ahead and getting Bell, and doing a bundle with my Internet (the lowest the could offer, low bandwith FTL but I am but me and rent ain't cheap either) and a Home Phone (also the lowest plan possible).

I have despised my Bell TV since the beginning.  Growing up with Rogers, you had everything even in the second lowest package.  You had HGTV, TLC, Food Network, TSN and Rogers On Demand.... and, okay, you can pay a lot for additional programming... but at least you get a lot of the great basics included.

What was this Bell crap?  I got a ton of radio stations, and like CBC.  ALL I WATCH IS HGTV, TLC, AND FOOD.  Sure, I watch regular shows, but I PVR them for weekend viewing and watch Sweet Genius otherwise.

So, I instantly looked up what I had to do to get my HGTV and TLC and Food Network.  Wouldn't you KNOW IT?  This would involve adding totally different packages to my bill.  At least they offered a bit of a deal, and I got three packages for the price of two or something or other.  Whatever, at least I could watch all the Iron Chef America I desired.

Honestly?  I probably have Food Network on my TV 90% of the time my TV is on.  When I'm back at my parents' house I mostly watch stuff On Demand, so you can bet your ass I miss that too.

I got a notice that there's a promo on right now for TMN and HBO, and it prompted me to take a peek at my Bell account online, because I wanted to see what programming packages I had again and see if there were any changes I wanted to make.  

Whoa!  I was a bit blown away.  There are WHOLE NEW package options on the Bell website!  And, frankly, they look much better.  For the "Select" package, which would cost very close ($2 difference) to what I pay now... I could get additional programming I don't currently have.  Such as TSN for Mr. Lock, for example (if you can believe it, I have ZERO sports channels right now... the poor man).


Food Network is NOT INCLUDED in the "Select" plan.  Oh NO.  BELL is too EFFING SMART for that.  They KNOW... they KNOW... just how to "GET YOU".  My BELOVED Food Network... is in the next package higher.  The one that works out to EIGHTY DOLLARS A MONTH.

I cannot pay $80/month for my TV programming... ARE YOU KIDDING ME.  Not just to get Food Network.  Not when Rogers gives you HGTV, TLC *AND* Food Network in it's $56/month package.

So, I tried to call Bell.  I never call companies, I'm not a complainer...  I tried to ask... how do I get my precious Food Network?  Can I not even just order Food Network as an add-on with a bit of a lower than $15 extra per month on my bill?!   The answer seems to be a firm, No.  You "used to be able to order specific channels".  Now?  You must order a package.  But DON'T FRET!  The new "Select Package" at least has other great programming like YTV included!  Spongebob and Good Luck, Charlie will NOT placate me after I miss Chopped, not ever.

DOOM AND GLOOM, people.  That is all I will feel if I do not have Food Network.  Seriously.  It's ALL I WATCH.  Fortunately, FORTUNATELY, I did not submit any changes, and I still have my old plan.

All I have to say though?  If they don't give me Food Network at a more affordable rate.... the minute I move out of this place, I am switching back to Rogers.

Damn you, Bell.  Honestly.  This girl needs her Food Network, and I am so not giving in to your scheme to try to get $15/month extra out of me.

/yes, yes, "spoiled white girl problems".  Remember that a lot of my time is spent being very kind and charitable, kthx.

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  1. That's the trouble with cable TV operators like Rogers! They have a tight connection to know what you are watching, when and when you are home or not. A little security risk? My email password was hacked for sending out spam and they were the only ones that knew it. They can accumulate marketing information to get the most out of your wallet. With satellite TV and no back connection to them at least they are blind and offer honest cost-based packages for TV watchers.

    I just quit Rogers and went to Bell TV. Quality is much better, sound and not very many digital breakups. Rogers has a few channels that are constantly 1 minute delayed so your PVR will always record 1minute short at the end of the movie. "It's the network!". Why doesn't the delay happen when Bell gets the network? Rogers has been caught lying through their teeth so many times! I won't get into their Internet service but Sympatico was sending me modem reboot commands to control my bandwidth years ago too so.... they all play their games. Download everything you can and rip them back. They started it.


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