Friday, February 03, 2012

Yes, I'm about to "report card rant" Again. I am also having pressure headaches. What of it?!

You guys, I have a headache.  A constant headache.  I cannot take any more of this inconsistent weather!  I'm certain these are pressure headaches and they SUCK.  They are NOT making this report writing time any better.

Today my report cards were due.  They are FINISHED, thank goodness... though when I went to print mine, I noticed a DUMB, DUMB, SILLY grammatical error...and it's an error in one of my more general statements about what we learned in social studies, so it is on EVERY report card.

It was already after 3 pm, I was tired and headached, and I just said: EFF IT! (How professional, but ohmigod my head is aching, and I am only human here!).

So, I checked in and asked if I can please submit these on Monday.  I do NOT like to submit anything that hasn't been edited to the best of my ability, I'm a bit of a perfectionist like that.  I've never submitted report cards late, but this year -- gah.  I have to.  I feel the need to re-read these in full now that I've printed them out, and then fix them up and print them again before my Principal sees them.  I can't shake the feeling that after that one mistake... there must be more.

The problem is, your brain goes so fuzzy when doing this, and the words stop looking like words!  It's a challenge to edit your own work, I suppose, but I always feel too shy to ask anyone else to help me edit them.  I also think I'm extra hard on myself because I've so far only ever had very minimal errors to correct when my reports have come back to me from my Principal, so the crazy person in me is now determined to continue to be perfect.  I drive myself batty sometimes.

I've also pinpointed why these report cards have been more of a challenge to get done than others years.  It's because I've taught these kids before.  TEN of my students I taught in grade one.  I am so concerned with making these reports sound unique and individualized that I'm being very hard on myself with these ten kids. I want to write like myself, with my personal writer's voice, but I also do not want to be repetitive to any reports these kids received previously.  I really do type my reports from scratch, but of course there is certain lingo you tend to use... I don't want parents comparing report cards, even though their kids are pretty darn consistent, and thinking I simply cut and paste (when I truly didn't!).  I'm adding so much stress to myself about the past, and it makes it that much harder to feel confident with what I've done this time around.

So anyway, now I'm struck with a Gee Dee headache again (GRRR), and have reports still looming over me in some capacity.  I am way too hard on myself, I know, but oh well.

So that's me this Friday.  HA.  Nice, right?

Want to read more about report cards, but maybe in a more well-written way?  Because, once again, headaaaache and whining means this post will NOT have any proper editing to it.  Head over to and check out my post about why you should be HAPPY with a B on your child's report card in Ontario.

Honestly, please just be happy with whatever.  This is a lot of work and it makes me miserable, apparently.  I just want to TEACH THE KIDS, yo.  Let me just TEACH.

(And hey, weather?  STOP HURTING MY HEAD THIS WAY).

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  1. I still remember my mom working on report cards. So stressful! So much work! So much time!


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