Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hair Bow Tutorial!

It was awesome co-hosting a Giveaway presented by, in conjunction with a few other really great bloggers!  Today, February 1st, the winner is going to be chosen so look out for your name as the winner!  Best of luck!

Busy Mom on the Go is also providing you with a link on how to make the above pictured heart hair bows yourself!  Click here for the tutorial.  These are super cute, and if I am so lucky to have a daughter one day I would love to have adorable hair accessories like these to put in her hair, especially around Valentine's Day!  Love 'em!

Thank you to all who entered, and who are new followers to my blog, Out of Gold Stars.  I'm going to have some more fun and exciting stuff coming, plus my usual stories from my day job as an elementary school teacher, so please stick around!  Also, comment love is always appreciated, so any time you feel like it leave a comment!  I love to hear from you.  Happy February, all!

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