Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Truth or Dare? Week One: 3 Things About Me

I am posting this very late, it's nearly not Tuesday anymore, but I really wanted to participate in this Tuesday hop!  I think it's a great premise for some fun posts.

I chose TRUTH, rather than Dare.  "Tell us 3 things about yourself that isn’t common knowledge about yourself."

This is actually hard to answer, because I’m a pretty open book!  It’s hard to think of quirky things about me that NO ONE knows, because most of my quirks are out there (my anxiety issues and what I do to deal with them is pretty common knowledge, though that would have been GOLD if I had of kept more of it to myself, LOL).  I’ll pick whatever I can that maybe only my CLOSEST friends or family know, and hope that will suffice.  I’m just not a secretive person; I’m too chatty for that, hahaha.

1)  In high school I was once compared to Monica Geller on Friends during one of those, “which TV character are you most like?” conversations… Friends is one of my favourite TV shows of all time.  I have always loved this comparison, and sometimes I’ve wondered – am I like Monica naturally, or did I love that comparison so much I’ve almost purposely continued to act more and more like her?  It isn’t like I said to myself, “I should do more Monica-like things”, but at times when I watch Friends repeats I start to wonder… am I purposely acting like her now, all these years past that comparison and her relevance as a TV character?   It’s blurry to me whether I was just like her from the get-go and would have continued to be into my adulthood, or if I’ve become like her more after that comment back in high school. 

      I’m incredibly self-conscious.  I have a boisterous attitude and often throw myself into joining things, but on the inside I’m constantly wondering if anyone actually wants me there, if I’m speaking too much, and if everyone is always annoyed by me.  Sometimes I feel wilted on the inside, worrying so much over what others could be thinking.  Fortunately I’m able to talk myself out of those feelings often enough to keep joining in, but it doesn’t stop the self-conscious “does anyone actually like me or want me here?” thoughts from happening.  I know I can be chatty and vocal, but at times I think it’s good when NO ONE is speaking up (like during a division meeting at school and a question has been posed and everyone is like a deer in the headlights but me!).  I do try to be aware when I’ve been speaking a lot so that I can stop for awhile and give people a break, but there are times I just have so many ideas I want to share.
      I had an overactive imagination from the time I was a kid, however that used to keep me daydreaming for years past “childhood”.  When I was a young teen and went away on holidays to South Carolina with my family, I used to always daydream I would be “discovered” on the beach by Joss Whedon and be given a role on Buffy (my other all-time favourite TV show). (So many questions arise here – why would Joss Whedon approach a kid on a beach? In South Carolina?)(Now that I think about it, this seems like a super embarrassing confession, but I was young…ish)(Ah well, embarrassing is what Truth or Dare is about, amirite?)(Enough with the brackets -- gotcha).  I used to always imagine being an actress on my favourite shows, and what I would say if I was on TV talk shows like David Letterman.  I’ve personally never done any sort of acting, and even stopped taking drama in high school after grade nine, but there was this part of me for a long time that used to love to imagine what it would be like to be a Hollywood star.


  1. Awesome truths! I am very self-consious too. It can be very helpful to jump in to things though. :)
    You never know who will be "discovered" and where! Too bad he didn't show but you still have time! ;)

    Thanks for joining us! Great first post!

  2. I hear ya lol...I'm always thinking I'm a 16 year old immature idiot at work who doesn't know anything, lol. Like "Why would anyone take me seriously??" ... at least we know how awesome we are :D

  3. Yay, better late than never! I think we are all a bit self-conscious and wonder those exact same things. Thanks for an awesome post and link up again today! :)


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