Sunday, January 29, 2012

Report Card Writing -- BLARGH!

I am a very fortunate person, I happen to absolutely LOVE my job.  Not everyone can say that.  Sure, there are days when I might feel more than a little tired after work, and there are students who pose a bit of a challenge, but in general I am HAPPY every day.  (And anyway, I prefer the challenging students, it makes the day more interesting!).

There is one part of my job that drives me batty every time it comes around.  It's REPORT CARDS.

Gaaaah.  Awxttq23ksitjgwakrjhjs,arblargh!!!! *headdesk*

Term one reports are due to my Principal by this Friday, so they can be read, edited and signed before being sent home on February 14th (Happy Valentine's Day, kiddos!).  Other than completing assessment and putting the letter grades into the report card program, and making some notes about my kids and their learning styles, I really didn't do much work on report cards prior to this weekend.  I knew that Mr. Lock was going away on a snowboarding trip, so I figured I didn't need to push myself before now - I'd have a full two days to myself to work.

I can honestly say, at 9 pm on Sunday, that I sure did make good use of this weekend.  Yesterday, I completed comments for 22 students for Science and Social Studies, as well as edited the comments I had entered earlier in the week for Dance, Health, and Art.  I also prepared to comment on Math.  This morning I let myself sleep in, and then I got back to work and completed the comments for Math (three strands!), and worked my way through preparing my Literacy comments.

It takes about 3 hours per subject, honestly.  It involves having individualized comments on what the student learned, a strength, an area for improvement, and a suggestion for a next step.  I have seven subjects to work on, plus the overall general learning skills comment for each student.  Plus, I have to keep myself focused.  I usually work in Microsoft Word, and then transfer my paragraphs to the report card program.

Right now, I am TRYING to keep going... Literacy and general Learning Skills comments are ALL I have left... but it's so hard.  I am RESTLESS.  I think it's about time to stop for the night, so that going to work tomorrow doesn't feel like a pain in the ass (since I don't exactly feel like I got a weekend break by any means).  I'll have some time in the evenings this week to finish, as well as during my prep or recess times during the work day.  Friday is a PA Day, and after our morning meetings we have the afternoon for teacher-directed time, I'll just do my final editing then and print these suckers out.

I love my job, truly, truly do.  I don't really enjoy writing report cards.  I will be SO HAPPY come Friday, when I feel like I can breathe again!!!

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