Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Year

Last year, at exactly this time, I was beginning to drive down to my condo to bring boxes and random items in preparation of a move-in around February 7th.  I had signed my first lease on a place all my own, and because it was empty the landlord gave me the keys on January 26th.  It made for a nice, leisurely move-in.  I really enjoyed setting the place up, decorating, purchasing housewares.  I also really loved how close this place was to work - a four minute drive!

I am so excited because this past week, I signed a lease extension for another year of living in this place.  I'm so happy to know I don't have to move again right now, and that I get to stay in my perfect little first place for awhile longer.  It's just a one-bedroom condo rental, but it sure feels like home after a year of being here.

It's just as IKEA as I always thought my first place would be.  (Take note of that Ektorp couch, y'all, most comfortable couch EVER).

All in all, I'm just happy to say I'll be here for another year.   Especially since my Sitcom Group of Friends and I have only gone to Friday Night Karaoke at the nearest dive of a pub ONCE.  I mean, surely that needs to become more of a "thing" for us.  I will take one for the team and continue to rent here simply for Karaoke Proximity.  You're welcome, guys.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing pics of your place - it is awesome!

    1. It was so clean because my landlord was coming over, it was worth it to take pictures! HAHA. I didn't snap any pics of my bedroom or the area by the front entry/bathroom... this is just the main space. It's a good size for a one-bedroom condo, I really love it.

  2. Ahhhh! I'm jealous! :) I miss the days when I had space all to myself. No clutter. No mess. No toys and clothes strewn all over the house. *sigh* LOL! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!


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