Monday, December 05, 2011

Sheer Exhaustion!

I am so looking forward to Christmas Break at school -- just these three weeks to go!  Next week the grade twos are all putting on a holiday show, which should be fantastic, it's just been SO MUCH WORK preparing for it!  I'm exhausted, and we still have a week and a half until the performance.

This weekend was a busy as I said it would be, leading into a very hectic Monday at work.  I'm enjoying being able to hang out on my couch tonight in front of the TV, watching my Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs.  I'm working my way back through season five, six and seven because I only recently acquired those DVDs and I never really re-watched these episodes from back when they were originally aired.  I'm on the fifth episode of season six, and am getting closer to the Buffy musical episode which was one of my FAVES.  Mind you, I love when ANYTHING is musical.

Anyway, I am just so happy to be lounging on my couch tonight.  I want to post a review of The Muppets (so good!) but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  I will update you by letting you know that we found a dress for Quin's wedding, and all of the bridesmaids love it so we went ahead and placed our orders! The dress was from David's Bridal, and it's this one (this is the colour too, though it is not as vibrant/bright blue as the image seems on my screen, so it's not necessarily fully accurate off of the website to what it's like in person) :

It's quite elegant and yet fun too, and comfortable as well!  I love that it has pockets (pocket dress! squee!).  It's perfect for her September 8th wedding, which is still summer like!

Now back to Buffy, and relaxing, and then it's early to bed for this tired teacher!

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