Friday, December 02, 2011

My Weekend Plans

The month of December is here, and I am BOOKED SOLID every weekend!  But, that is always so much more exciting than having no plans at all.

Tomorrow we are going bridesmaids dress shopping for the first time for Quin's September 2012 wedding.  I think that every bridesmaid is able to come, so it should make for a super fun, extra girly day!  I love those types of days.  I'm the Maid-of-Honour, which I'm SO excited about.  I may be overly obsessed with planning and organizing, and am a WEDDING JUNKIE right now!  I love all things wedding-related.  Watch out for the day when I finally get engaged!  For now, I'm at least enjoying my two best friends going through the wedding experience.  They're paving the way for me, I like to think!

After that, we're meeting up with the menfolk (Dr. McVet's husband, Quin's fiance, and Mr. Lock -- bee tee dubs, it was easier when our Significant Others didn't have different designations, now we're on THREE levels here, guys!!!) and we're all heading out to see the new Muppet's movie.  I am SO excited to see it.  I love Jason Segel (I'm a big fan of How I Met Your Mother and have been since its very beginning!).  I feel PROUD of him for writing this movie, haha.  I get a bit invested when it comes to my favourite shows... ahem.  I know my 22-year-old brother LOVED it, and he is typically a hard critic for some films.  I'll write up a review after seeing it for myself.

THEN, all six of us are heading out to a local pub because we need to celebrate Mac's birthday on Sunday.  Afterwards, we're all crashing here at my condo.

On Sunday, Mr. Lock and I are heading up to my hometown to watch my 13-year-old brother's hockey game and then we're having dinner and a visit with my family.  It's a bit of an overdue visit, I was trying to head home at least once a week to see my family but with school being SO BUSY lately, and full of after-school meetings, I've been way too tired in the evening to drive half-an-hour to my hometown, and half-an-hour back here later at night on a work night.  It should be a good visit on Sunday, though, so then I won't feel so guilty for not getting up there through the week.

This is just Weekend One, but it's PACKED.  In between there I have a bit of work to do to prep for school next week as well!  Thank goodness I'm ahead in my Christmas prep.  I hope your December weekends are full of some fun as well, but maybe you prefer a bit more relaxation in your life.  I like a balance between both, but busy weekends with my very best friends are always appreciated!  It helps that the six of us are a bit like a boxed set -- three girls, three guys, all best friends, all coupled off together.  Honestly, it's the greatest situation.  We're like a TV sitcom group.

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  1. Other-people's-weddings is THE VERY BEST prep for wedding planning! I was the first among my friends to get married, and there were so many things where later I thought "I should have..." "I shouldn't have..." No SERIOUS regrets, but little things I just hadn't thought of because I hadn't BEEN to any weddings. Once all my friends started getting married, I also saw a lot of stuff I was glad I had accidentally avoided---but if I'd seen it first, I would have been making mental notes not to do those things!

  2. Absolutely, so true! I very much see the benefit of not being first, haha. (Though at times I'm of course a tad jealous that I'm not quite at the same stage yet, but just a tad).

  3. Tee hee, you guys are kind of like a sitcom group of friends! I'll admit that I'm slightly envious. ;) Where are they planning to hold the wedding? Heather


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