Saturday, November 26, 2011

Win a Family Game Night Gift Pack from!

There's currently an opportunity to win a Family Game Night Gift Pack from Orville Redenbacher's Pop and Win contest!  Mr. Lock and I are obsessed with Game Nights.  We play board games just the two of us (I'm the current Trivial Pursuit champion, holla!), and we play board games OFTEN with our best friends, whether we're up at a cottage or just hanging out on a Friday night.  Growing up, board game nights were popular for both of us with our families and friends and as our relationship moves forward I can see them continuing to be popular for years to come.  The changing face of game nights for families comes along with the popularity of video games.  Many games are being made now, though, to include family friendly activities, and can be included in the Game Night rotation just as often as classic board games.

If you'd like the opportunity to win a Family Game Night Gift Pack courtesy of Orville Redenbacher and PS3, just visit the Giveaway post at My Wee View by clicking the link, to find out how to enter!

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