Monday, November 28, 2011

My First Condo Christmas

Ohmigod you guys.... Christmas is MY FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR.  No joke.

I was so excited about having my own place to decorate this year, that I bought my first fake Christmas tree in mid-November... and then couldn't wait a second more to set it up.  I've received a few ornaments as gifts from my mom and grandma, so I've added those to the tree as well.

Mr. Lock and I were really productive on Saturday, and got a ton of Christmas shopping done.  I went out tonight for a few more items.  Other than a few add-ons for people we've already shopped a bit for, and another gift each for my brothers, I am essentially DONE Christmas shopping already.  I got excited, so on Sunday Mr. Lock and I wrapped some of the gifts and stuck them under my tree. 

These are a mix of gifts for friends, my family, and Mr. Lock's families -- all waiting to be delivered to where they'll actually be opened on Christmas Day.  I plan on keeping them here until Christmas Eve.  You know, so I can PRETEND those are all for me!

I've had fun finding small decorations to add to my place, and when I head home to visit my parents this weekend my mom is going to give me a few of our family ornaments that have been classified as "mine" to add to my tree here at my condo.  It's really exciting to get a space of my own ready for the holidays.  On December 10th we're having our best friends over for a Christmas Party, so I want the place to look festive!

Mr. Lock and I are going to have a mini Christmas of our own on Christmas Eve morning, I'll be glad to sit around my little condo Christmas tree and make the most of it before I head home to my parents house for the rest of the holiday.

It's not even December yet, but I am so excited for this Christmas.  There will be MANY Christmas-related posts to come, I can guarantee that! 

Have you started your decorating yet?  How about your shopping?  Are you an early or last minute holiday shopper?

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  1. Awesome tree!

    I'm just about done my shopping, haven't started the wrapping yet though....yikes you're one up on me.


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