Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Guess This is Growing Up

Grand, sweeping "Captain Obvious" statement: Life can be so interesting sometimes, especially as you grow older.

Yeah, I know.  Lame opener.  But it's TRUE.

I know there are many more milestones to come, but I was amused last night as I was sitting down to a Swiss Chalet ordered-in meal, served in a dining room with a group of four couples (Mr. Lock and I included) a the father of one of Mr. Lock's friends.  As we served our take-out containers on to nice plates and ate with properly cutlery rather than plastic forks that barely pierce chicken, I realized just how Grown Up it all was.  It wasn't take-out with some buddies in front of the TV, and I really don't think this had much to do with the one father being included.  I felt like this might be a new normal.

I was with Mr. Lock's two best friends from childhood, meeting them and their girlfriends for the first time.  We struck up conversations that began with, "So, what do you do?".  Answers were teacher (me), lawyers, doctors -- and not "I'm in law school", "I'm in med school".  Gone are the days of adding "___ school" as a qualifier.  Sure, I've been teaching for three years now but even then... when I see MY name as "The Teacher" on the top of a report card I've just written I still get a little thrill. 

Wow, I'm The Teacher.  I'm totally in control of a whole classroom.  These 20 students are in MY care.

Also, I mean, holy moly, my one best friend is a full-fledged VETERINARIAN now, too.  Oh, and she's MARRIED.  And my other best friend is engaged, and in full wedding planning mode.  And is all, high-powered MBA grad with an amazing job at a huge company.

It struck me as interesting, last night.  Sitting there in that lovely home in Toronto, eating take-out in such a fancy way, that wowHere it is.  We're adults.  I already "knew" it, but now I really know it.

I suppose the whole concept just takes some getting used to, since I still feel like an 18-year-old not-a-kid-not-an-adult on the inside most of the time.

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  1. It IS so weird. My recent Weirdness Thing was realizing that I WAS THE PARENT at parent-teacher conferences. I've been going to them for awhile, without it really dawning on me. My mom was a teacher when I was growing up, and I'm accustomed to identifying with her STUDENTS, and thinking of all the parents as her age---but now, I'M THE PARENT. Sometimes I'm OLDER THAN THE TEACHER.


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