Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I couldn't help it, last night after all the crying and anger, I emailed him.  It was a short email to the effect of, "I can't believe you did this to me.  Those tickets were a gift, that I've had for two years.  I ASKED YOU about them when YOU were breaking up with ME, and you said they were mine.  I hate you."  It was worded differently, I think I used "hate" a few more times (a word I never said when he actually broke up with me, because I'm a CLASS ACT, by the way, but now I'm SAYING IT.).

He replied this morning. 

He said (this is paraphrasing): "Those tickets weren't yours, they were ours.  I bought them, and I never said you could have them.  You didn't get in touch with me to say you were going to the concert, did you think I would throw away $250?  Who did their due diligence here?" (The words "due diligence" were directly out of his email).

This is the FINAL exchange I am ever going to have with him, by the way.  I'm NOT responding to his reply, I got to say my piece before.  If he wants to rewrite history to suit him, then WHATEVER.  These tickets were fortunately the FINAL tie in any way that I had to him.



I'm sorry, but... I was the person who was broken up with, and who took the break-up pretty well considering it SHATTERED MY LIFE for a few months there, and completely changed what I thought my future held.   ALSO, I was broken up with on the grounds that I *WANTED TO MARRY HIM* and *LIVE WITH HIM*.... yes, for LOVING too much?!  He couldn't handle that, so he ended our six-year-long relationship and all the declarations we had made before then.


WHY, as the DUMPEE, am I treated this way?  Common human decency states that any gifts in the possession of the person you break up with become theirs.  I mean, sure, those tickets cost $250 -- but if I had a $4000 engagement ring on my finger, who would have been allowed to keep/pawn that?!  ME.

GAH.  GAH!!!!!!   I am so angry.  Why does he get to act like the vindictive EX?  That's my job, and I'm too good a person to ever do it! (Okay, that's rage talking, because the other side of it is that I'm also a mature person).

I do feel a lot better getting to vent this here though.  THANK GOD I am done with him FOREVER.  THANK GOD!  I guess that might even be where karma is on my side -- making sure this asshole is NEVER in my life again.


  1. We need to talk. There are things that can be done.

  2. He just. I mean. He had one tiny sliver of a chance left here, to say something about being such an idiot and totally forgetting about saying they were yours but you're totally right and he's sorry, or I DON'T KNOW, maybe ANYTHING other than what he DID say. And did HE take "due diligence" to get in touch with YOU to make sure YOU weren't going to use the tickets? And and and...!!!!!

  3. Oh, grrr....I am so hot with rage right now too! If I had his number, I think I might just call him myself and give him a piece of my mind!!! You deserve SO SO SO much better than him - thank goodness you've got that now!


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