Thursday, July 14, 2011


It's July 14th, 1985.  A beautiful baby girl, with a head FULL of brown hair, enters this world.  Drama and hilarity ensues!

Today, I am twenty-six years old.  I have no idea why, but as I type that I'm suddenly feeling a bit.. old-ish.  Like, it's hitting me that I'm seriously heading towards 30 now.  I'm feeling like I actually have to be an adult, or something.  It's not like I physically feel different, but for whatever reason the number 26 is making me feel a bit weird today.  Strange! I've never given it that much thought before.

Where has time gone?  26?  Hmm.  Insanity.

I am having a really nice birthday so far!  My week has vastly improved since the now-just-considered-hilarious debacle on Monday (life needs some stories, I suppose!).  Today the family I nanny for surprised me, and drove me over to our mutual friend's house for a surprise birthday lunch!  The kids were so excited to celebrate my birthday with me, and I really didn't expect such a big deal to be made.  It was absolutely wonderful!  (Thanks, MTM, so much!)

Tonight, Mr. Lock and I are laying low, and we're making dinner in together.  He hasn't been feeling too well, this week.  Tomorrow should be a blast, though!  Going out for karaoke with a whole bunch of my best friends, to one of those places where you have a room just for your own party (rather than a karaoke bar filled with strangers, which is too intimidating for me!).  I'm really looking forward to making a big deal out of my birthday, since I rarely do much of a celebration.

Life is good at 26, though it's much different than at 25.  I like where things are heading though, as I work my way (hopefully SLOWLY) towards 30.

And all of you who are older than me, who are "PFFFT!"-ing at my feeling old nonsense, just you remember that you turned 26 once and felt this way TOO.  :-P

Twenty-six?!  Oh my.


  1. I remember it did start to feel like a slow downward roll to 30. It's definitely "the second half of the twenties," and the second half is such a different stage (with such different expectations from society) from the first half.

    Er, happy birthday!

  2. Twenty-SIX?! You told me you were twenty-two! :|


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