Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hopefully Karma is a Bitch

I am seething.

I was given two tickets to see U2 in concert by my boyfriend back in 2009.  The tickets were for July 3rd, 2010.  We planned to go together -- though, at the time, he even said I could "take whoever I wanted", since they were a Christmas gift.  Then, Bono had surgery and the concert was pushed back by a year.

So, for over a year and a half I've had U2 tickets in my possession, waiting for tonight's rescheduled show.

If you read my previous blog, you'd know that I had a big break-up with that boyfriend last September.  TEN MONTHS AGO, okay?  He broke up with me, out of the blue.  Seriously, it was a random Saturday afternoon and suddenly my entire life changed.  It was devestating, but of course I was able to see that he was changing as he was getting older and I felt like I was actually better off for having an out from him.  Since then, I've connected majorly with Mr. Lock and we've had a six-month long relationship so far (after a six-year long friendship), which is going incredibly well.

During the big break-up, the U2 tickets came up. I said to him, "What about the U2 concert?" knowing it was rescheduled, and that I had the two tickets.  He said, "You keep the tickets, they were your gift."

Tonight, Dr. McVet was accompanying me to the U2 concert (she won it in the draw, it was down to her and Quin and I couldn't choose on my own!).  I was nervous today, because I just had the email-printed tickets from 2009, but I had looked online and they said just bring the old tickets to the rescheduled show.

Earlier today, I had this brief flash... thinking about how the tickets were email-printed, and thinking about how devestating it would be if the Ex re-printed the tickets and tried to beat us there and use them himself.  I told myself, that's a stupid thought, he'd never do that.

We got to the concert, the tickets scanned perfectly, we found our seats and got settled in.  I felt relaxed, and finally very excited for the show.  It had all gone well, were were there and nothing was wrong with my tickets.  The opening act, Interpol, started up their set.

A security person motions to Dr. McVet and I, and asks us to follow him.  My heart pounds.  I'm a good girl, a rule follower, so I was thoroughly confused and anxious.  He said there was a message, and he couldn't tell us what it was about.  He led us to one of the gates, and we had to give our tickets to some guy in a booth who we couldn't see.  No one was telling us a thing.  We didn't know if we won some sort of prize to be upgraded, or what.

Oh, no.  No.

"The person who bought these tickets, whose name is on these tickets is here.  He has shown us his ID and credit card, and technically the tickets belong to him."

I start CRYING.  In front of the security people.  I start explaining that he's my ex-boyfriend.... I feel so embarrassed, I feel like I sound like some sort of domestic case on The Peoples Court or something.  I'm SO ANGRY, and SO SURPRISED.  They wouldn't let me speak to him, "for security reasons", and there was nothing they could do other than sell me some "General Admission tickets" for $57 each.  I was sobbing, but I told them I wasn't going to leave so I got them to charge two tickets to my credit card.

The consolation prize was that the "General Admission tickets" ended up being Floor Access tickets, to a seat-free floor (which means we got very close to the stage and had a blast).

I just cannot believe the NERVE of him, though.  To actually go through that process, of being SO adament that the tickets were HIS.  HE TOLD ME I COULD HAVE THEM!  One of the security people, the one who took us from our seats, was being so nice to me.  He even said he saw that The Ex had printed his tickets on a printer TODAY, and that the tickets I held were printed in NOVEMBER 2009, but there was NOTHING that could be done because His name was on the tickets and he was apparently quite pushy, showing his ID and credit cards.

HONESTLY.... that was probably one of the meanest things anyone has ever done to me.  I don't even know who this ex of mine is anymore, I can honestly say I am FUCKING GLAD that I am NOT dating him anymore.

Dr. McVet ended up walking past him in the building later, and using a tiny white lie, she actually yelled in his face, "Thanks for the free floor seats, asshole".  I walked right on by without even looking back, but I'm glad she got her chance to say something.

I hope karma bites him in the ass.  Worst experience ever.  (Though the concert was of course great, but my night felt so ruined).


  1. I. Have. No. Words.

    NO. WORDS.

    I hope you enjoyed the show.

  2. That really goes above and beyond with nasty, horrible, pure VINDICTIVENESS. Like, the only explanation is that his goal was to hurt and infuriate you, just because he COULD---and he would have had to have planned it, and remembered about the tickets all this time. And so long after a break-up that was what HE wanted. It makes me re-evaluate the kind of person he must be.

  3. I guess pure evil really does exist in this world. It is an absolute wonder that he was able to hide it during your entire relationship. Don't give him another thought, Steph - he is irrelevant to you and your life now, and he certainly didn't get those awesome floor tickets either!


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