Thursday, June 02, 2011


It's amazing how much more productive I've been this week.  My allergies have subsided (and yes, it MUST have been allergies getting me down last week because it never developed into anything worse).  June is upon us, and it's going to be an INSANE month.

When you're a teacher, it all comes down to this.  I've only known my current class for just over a month, which will make this time of a year a bit trickier.  I'm doing tons of final assessments right now, and then I need to work HARDCORE on report cards.. because they are due to my Principal by June 17th.  We have reading assessments due by June 17th, as well.  We also have to do our class placements for next year (we're doing that at a staff meeting on Monday), and I need to prepare an individual Student Profile for each child in my class to be passed to next years teacher -- 21 profiles, all due Monday.

We also have end-of-school-year fun to plan and prepare for -- there's a Grade 1 Picnic, a class birthday party (instead of celebrating birthdays throughout the school year, we do one big party at the end of the year that the students plan themselves), and there's Primary Play Day.  I'm also still working on this Fundraiser that I got roped into taking over from the teacher who went on maternity leave.

I'm taking an Advanced Qualifications course right now, too.  There are three more modules, and then the entire course wraps up on June 21st.

June 29th is the last day of a school, a half-day.  It's going to come SO QUICKLY, guaranteed, since I have so much to do before then!

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