Tuesday, June 07, 2011


This summer I have four concerts to go to.  The first two are this week.  One is on Thursday, June 9th and the other is on Saturday, June 11th. (Yes, in the midst of report card insanity... but oh well!  Life is worth living too!).  The next two concerts are on July 9th and July 11th, so it's easy to remember the dates!  (Now I just need tickets for concerts on August 9th and August 11th to round off the summer!)

The two shows I'm going to this week should be super fun, and super hilarious.  On Thursday, it's NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block with Backstreet Boys).  As soon as I heard they were doing a concert together, it was just a MUST to have tickets to it -- for the laughs!  I don't know NKOTB that well, they were just before I was the age where I was listening to music I liked and not just kid music or whatever my parents liked to listen to.  Backstreet Boys, however, were huge just as I was starting high school.  I was more of an N*Sync girl - in fact, N*Sync was the first concert I ever went to just with a friend, we were in the tenth grade - but BSB is just SO CLASSIC from those years, that I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this insane show.

On Saturday, I'll be seeing "Glee Live!" thanks to Mr. Lock's quick thinking, he bought us tickets as soon as he saw them for sale for Toronto.  It was super nice of him!  I love Glee soverymuch, and I'm really interested in seeing how they do the live show.  I know that anyone who saw it last year had a great time.

In July, I'll be going to Edgefest and then I have tickets to see U2 (tickets I've had for nearly two years!  Last year their show got postponed to THIS July, and they were a birthday gift the July BEFORE last!).

Are you seeing any concerts this summer?  Or, are any musical acts coming to your town that you'd LIKE to see?


  1. Personally I'd just LOOOVE to see U2 in concert... :P

  2. LMAO!
    I'm going to draw names the next time all three of us are together!

  3. I saw U2 on the Vertigo tour back in 2005; great performers.

    And, went to the first Edgefest (I think) with Blur, Elastica, Ned's Atomic Dustbin and Our Lady Peace. Awesome show.

    No concerts this summer though. I'm too old now.


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