Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am SO grumpy!

I am in a SOUR MOOD tonight.  And I shouldn't be, I had a nice day.  I even got to help out with the kindergarten concert night, which was so cute.  However, I got home... after being away at my mom's place for three nights... and ever since I've just been upset and moody!  I finally got to see Mr. Lock, for a short visit before he went to play hockey, after not seeing him since Sunday and all I ended up doing was crying to him a bit because of feeling forlorn about job prospects for the fall.

Here's what's making me MOODY right now:

1) The aforementioned LACK OF JOB PROSPECTS for this fall.  There is ONE long-term teaching position for the fall that I'm eligible for in my current school (read: the only school I'm known in right now, and it is ALL about who you know), but unfortunately I'm competing against my current teaching partner who I adore.  I cannot shake the feeling that I am absolutely not going to be picked for the job, and since I've heard NADA from any other school I've applied to (probably 15 schools, many with more than one position available)... I'm just feeling totally upset.  I want my own classroom, I'm not even expecting a permanent position yet... just an LTO.  PLEASE, let there be an LTO for me somewhere? 

I will go back to supply teaching this fall, and I absolutely understand how things could be WORSE, but my reality right now is that I'm frustrated and despise the idea of having to be a nobody supply teacher after finally having classes of my own.  UGH. 

2) I cannot watch TV tonight.  My TV remote must need new batteries, but I don't have any... and it got stuck on the fuzzy channels, and there's no way to switch it to Video 1 (for TV) or Video 2 (for DVDs) without my effin' remote (there's NO button for this on my TV set, which is an older, annoying TV set by the by).  SO... now I'm stuck with NO television or movies for background noise. Just peachy.

3) To top it off, my Internet is going SUPER SLOW.  So anything I'm trying to do is just a pain in the ass.  My disc drive is also a huge pain in the ass, and trying to watch DVDs on there is not an option right now.

4)  The only thing on my To Do list is to fix up my report cards, which I will do, but I am SO DISINTERESTED IN THAT and it's making me grumpy just thinking about it.

5) I also have to make my LUNCH for tomorrow, which I have to bring instead of buy because we're having an outdoor picnic with our students.  I suck at making lunches for myself unless I have leftovers from dinner... now I need to go figure out something to make and bring and I'm just annoyed by the process.

So, there you have it.  I'm SUPER GRUMPY.  It's all for superficial or stupid reasons, but they're MY reasons right now for being in a mood. 

Perhaps SLEEP is what I actually need.


  1. Uhm, wow. Someone needs a hug. Or a beer.

  2. Turns out all I needed was chocolate. Ate a few pieces of Oh Henry bites, and then felt a million times better! It was just one of those nights, where every little thing felt terrible, haha!

  3. LOL I have to say this post had me laughing by the end - it went from the totally understandable (point #1 - and I know something will come along because you're awesome!!) to the hilarious (#5 - BOOOO I hate making sandwiches!!).

    Glad chocolate helped! :) It always does!



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