Monday, May 23, 2011

Long Weekend Recap

I had a really nice long weekend, though it was without the bells and whistles that a long weekend might sometimes call for.  I stayed at my condo, by myself, doing chores and errands that I've been meaning to get done.  It was actually just what I needed! 

On Saturday, I wasn't able to sleep in, so I got up and made myself a pancake breakfast with blueberries.  I put in my laundry, and showered.  I did some of the shopping I needed to do, since I desperately needed an iron and couldn't put off buying one any longer (light, summer pants crease so easily!).  I loved being out and about in shorts and a t-shirt in the hot, hot sun!  It was perfect.  Dr. McVet came to visit so we could watch the Grey's Anatomy season finale, which I had on my PVR.  She only stayed for a couple of hours.  I was able to sit outside in the sun on my balcony for a bit.  In the evening, I finally emptied out a bin of summer clothes, and did a ton of ironing in preparing to wear some capris and spring/summer clothes to work this week (hurrah!).  I lounged around, watching Saturday Night Live (I loooove Justin Timberlake) and then went to bed.

On Sunday, I slept in -- though, allergies made it not quite as nice as I would have liked, as I woke up groggy and heavy and uncomfortable rather than "well-rested".  I spent the day doing some organizing inside my condo, I put some pictures up and tidied my bedroom.  I sat outside again once the sun came out for an hour and a half, reading.  Then, I decided to have dinner at my parents' place so I could visit with them for a bit, and watch the Chuck season finale off of the PVR with Scooter (my 12-year-old brother).  (Awesome season finale, by the way!  If you don't watch Chuck, you really should).  I came back here, read for a little bit, and fell asleep at a reasonable time.  Sunday was also a special day for Mr. Lock (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!), but he was away this weekend visiting friends in the States, so I had no plans with him on Sunday.

Today, I slept in a little bit.  I woke up and had eggs, toast and coffee for breakfast.  I showered, and painted my toenails to be more prepared for sandals weather (woo!).  Then I scrubbed my bathroom and kitchen, and vacuumed.  It was a super productive cleaning weekend, but I always enjoy that (sadly?).  Later today, Mr. Lock is coming over and we'll celebrate his birthday, we're going to go out for dinner and I have a couple of small gifts for him.

It wasn't a cottaging, camping, holiday sort of long-weekend for me, but it was just the sort of weekend I needed.  I had lots of time to enjoy living alone, to enjoy taking care of this little space of mine, and I had brief visits with family and with a friend.  I was also very glad to be able to sit out in the sun on my balcony, and I'm pleased to report that I got a bit of colour on my arms and legs!  I am super ready for summertime.

I hope your long weekend was lovely and relaxing, like mine!  This was pretty much my last "no plans" weekend from now until next Fall.... I'm INCREDIBLY BUSY with wedding events for Dr. McVet, end-of-the-school-year work (such as writing report cards), two summer weddings (one for Mr. Lock's brother, one for a co-worker and very good friend of mine), fun summer events like concerts, and weekend visits to friends' houses and cottages!  Then, when September hits, I've got The Weekend to End Women's Cancers (my 60 km 2-day charity walk, which I'm doing with Quin on September 10th and 11th), and then Dr. McVet's wedding day on September 17th!

So, I'd say this last weekend, of cleaning and lounging and reading and relaxing, was well-deserved!


  1. I kill for those kinds of weekends. They are so rare now.

  2. Like, *actually* kill?! O_O

    Heh, those weekends ARE going to be so rare through the summer... but with good reason, right, Ms. K? I'm sure every item on the to-do list is awesome... or at least every other item. Can't be all FUN FUN FUN FUN.


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