Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Epsom Salt Experiment

I don't recall how I came across it, but one day a few weeks ago I found myself reading an awful lot about the healing power of Epsom Salt baths.  This is totally not a new innovation, in fact I'm certain it falls into the category of "olden days home remedies".  However, I found myself very intrigued and it was all fairly new information for me.

Apparently, it's a fantastic way for us to absorb magnesium, which we're often lacking with our diets today.  A 12-minute bath with 1 cup of Epsom Salt dissolved in warm water three times a week can act as a muscle and nerve relaxer, a toxin remover, and a healing agent for sore and swollen joints and muscles.  Lately I've had quite sore muscles (my own fault, I'm carrying heavy grocery bags up to my condo and I lug around a lot of stuff for school each day), and I've had very dry skin (especially my heels, so dry! Ugh!).

Today I finally found Epsom Salts (honestly, I didn't know they'd be hard to locate, but I couldn't find any at a few drug stores I tried before).  I've decided to put them to the test, starting tonight.  I'm going to try to have a couple of baths a week and see how I feel.  I'm really interested in seeing if it makes a difference.

Sure, it might just have the placebo effect -- I'll THINK it's making me feel relaxed and less anxious, and will therefore actually let my body relax and feel less anxious.  However, if there's any noticeable difference at all in some of my sore joints or dry spots on my skin, I will certainly report back with the results.

Have any of you ever used Epsom Salts before?  I will say it again, I totally recognize that this isn't some 'cool, new thing' to share, but it is certainly a new idea for me!

EDITED TO ADD:  Sure, only AFTER my bath (when Googling, "What's best to do after an Epsom Salt bath?") do I find the articles that seem to say, "STICK TO THE 12 MINUTE TIMELINE".  I, of course, sat in the tub for a nice 20 - 25 minute soak.  OOPS.  Hopefully, it being my first and only time, I will make it through the night.  YIPES!  (It's a shallow tub in my condo, my whole body wasn't immersed at all times, so I'm going to let myself believe that that will save me).  Next time, I'll use a timer!


  1. You learn something new everyday! Magnesium eh?! Did u look at shoppers? That's where I've always bought them. Oh and I've soaked longer than that and I've survived ;)

  2. I found them at Walmart, when I was at Shoppers I couldn't see them anywhere (and I always clam up and don't ask people who work in the store for help, haha).

    I did survive! I also didn't end up having another Epsom Salt bath yet, despite my "I'll do it three times a week!" claim.... but it did feel good when I did it, so I'll try it again soon.


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