Sunday, May 08, 2011

Such an Exciting Weekend!

I am very happy to report that my mom's surprise 50th birthday party went off without a hitch yesterday!  It was fantastic.  A friend of hers took her out in the morning for a manicure and pedicure, which allowed us time to set up the house, and have the 50 pink flamingos delivered to the front lawn.  When she got home, she was SO SURPRISED by the flamingos and when we told her there was a whole party at 4 pm, she was very excited.  Guests arrived very promptly at 4, and it was a beautiful, sunny day.  Everything went so well!  A special thank you to Mr. Lock for his major help in getting the house ready, and in preparing the appetizers.  He was awesome!

I'm really glad that my grandma and I decided to do a party, and my mom said again today how great it was.  All in all, a wonderful experience!  I'm happy I could make her 50th birthday special.  Her actual birthday is May 12th (this upcoming Thursday), but she leaves Wednesday for five days in Las Vegas with my dad.  So, fortunately we were able to celebrate as a family before her real big day.


Now I have VERY EXCITING news!  (Well, it is for me and for my best friends, haha).

First some backstory: I have two very important women in my life, my two very best friends.  Dr. McVet is one of them (she JUST graduated from vet school and has just been hired for her first job as both a horse and small animal vet, I am insanely proud of her; we have been very close since grade 9, and then were roomates through university).  My second best friend, who Dr. McVet and I met in our residence hall in our first year of university and who we lived with off-campus for the next three years, will be called Quin for pseudonym purposes on this blog.  This upcoming September Dr. McVet is getting married to another best friend of ours (we're all one big group who met in university; Dr. McVet's fiance is one of Mr. Lock's BFFs, to put a lot of his into perspective).  Quin and I are both bridesmaids in her wedding.


Just yesterday, Quin got engaged too!  She has been dating her boyfriend for over 5 years (he was at university with us for a couple of years, and is another BFF of Mr. Lock, then he switched programs so he could study radio broadcasting, however he visited us at our school most weekends, especially once he began dating Quin).

They are away in Florida for a week, and he popped the question on the first night of their trip.  We knew about it in advance, so Dr. McVet and I were on pins and needles all day yesterday waiting to hear from Quin!

When Dr. McVet got engaged, her fiance and I had been discussing it and ring hunting for about a year before he asked her.  It was quite the process, and it was a lot of fun to be a part of that.  For Quin, her ... fiance (!!! so exciting to call him that!) (by the way, we'll call him "Mac" on this here blog) only told Mr. Lock and I that he was definitely going to do it, about four weeks before it happened.  Mr. Lock and I drove out on a Thursday night to where Mac was buying the ring (I felt I had to approve it, haha).  The next weekend, Mac went over to Quin's house to ask her parents for 'her hand in marriage' (so cute), while I took Quin out for a girl's shopping weekend.  We wanted to go shopping anyway, so it just worked out, but it was also a ruse so he could have a chance to meet with her parents before proposing.  From what I heard, it went very well and they of course approved!

Then, everything was ready for the big moment!  I can't wait until Quin gets home so we can have a girl's night to celebrate, and then I can't wait until she starts planning the wedding!

It is SUPER EXCITING having my two best friend's engaged - I love weddings!  It's also so fun when you are close friends with BOTH the bride and the groom (and when your boyfriend is too).  I am also glad I can talk about this now (though I didn't have as long a wait as I did with Dr. McVet, haha).

Wheeeee!  Congratulations, Quin and Mac!


  1. Wow, send her my congrats!! :)

  2. Haha yay I just found the blog! And thanks for the sweet shoutout!! :D

    I feel so bamboozled for getting tricked these last few weeks haha, but I'll forgive for the sake of good intention :P



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