Sunday, January 24, 2016

Local Musical Theatre!

So, a good friend of mine has been performing in a local theatre production of "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee".  I am so impressed with the performance!  I had the opportunity to attend a rehearsal a couple of weeks ago, and then today got to see a real performance in the two-week run.  I didn't know anything about this musical before.  It is HILARIOUS.  (It has some adult content (ahem, a song called "My Unfortunate Erection"!), so isn't really for "all ages").

The music is catchy and the story has a lot of heart, and I was so proud of the friends we knew who were performing.  They are all so talented, it's amazing.  I *love* musical theatre SO MUCH, and I wish I had the skills and courage to perform.  I definitely have a "stage fright" sort of feeling, even at karaoke.  I just get really nervous.  However, I love attending these shows as an audience member and have really found a love for local theatre productions -- which are great to support anyway!

A friend and I attended a children's production this weekend as well, and I'm so amazed to see children in a range of ages have the courage to perform and sing solos like they do.  It's just awesome!  I can see how their self-esteem and ability to present themselves publicly (or for school presentations, for example) would grow and develop through theatre programs.  Plus, it just looks like so much fun for them.  I hope when I have children that at least one may be interested in trying musical theatre.  I can live vicariously through them, haha.  As a child I was a dancer, but was way too anxious to be comfortable performing solo on stage -- and that was without adding on the singing and acting that musical theatre entails.  I'm just in awe of performers of all ages!

Anyway, it was certainly a great weekend of experiencing some wonderful local theatre -- youth and adult.  I encourage you to check out your local theatre programs and try attending some shows.  It doesn't cost nearly as much as the big shows downtown, and you can still have some wonderful experiences (and even if you attend a show that isn't perfect, it's usually still good for a laugh and a not-too-expensive night out)!

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