Monday, January 04, 2016


Last summer I posted about wanting a hobby and never actually starting one (beyond binge-watching Netflix, which I've decided is a perfectly reasonable hobby -- how much can one person watch?!  Let's find out!).

I amazed even myself by actually going out and buying some yarn and knitting needles.  I decided, EFF MY FEARS, TIME TO KNIT!

You see, what happened was I was having momentary depression this past fall due to some factors (am better now, do not fret).  I decided I needed to take some action to distract myself and then hoped that would help with the depression.  For the record, it DID help! 

Knitting seemed the easiest of my little hobby ideas to get started with.  Yarn can be pricey, but other than that it isn't an overly expensive hobby and doesn't require too many things to start with, and a small project can be worked on over time.  I taught myself the most basic of steps using YouTube (cast on, the knit stitch, and cast off).  I feel so relaxed while knitting and so pleased with myself that I actually taught myself to do something, because usually Internet learning leaves me frustrated and disinterested.

I have taught myself the purl stitch, but do not do it well yet (I end up with an extra loop at the end of the row, so I need to sort out what I'm doing wrong).  So for now, for my first little project, I am trying to knit a scarf and I am using the knit stitch the whole time.  It looks great that way anyway, so I am perfectly happy to start with this.

I don't know that I will ever be A Knitter, but it's going fairly well so far as just the little hobby I wanted to distract me when I need it and to fill some extra time and slight creative yearning.

For Christmas, my grandmother gave me an adult colouring book... I can also easily see myself becoming obsessed with this new craze.

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