Monday, December 28, 2015

Au Revoir 2015!

It's hard to believe another year is coming to an end!  2015 had many fun and happy moments, but it was also a tough year in some ways.  I'm not going to lie, I'm ready to move on and see what 2016 will bring!

How would I summarize 2015...

I definitely have many happy memories with my friends.  The usual happened, hanging out together, playing board games, having parties.  We went to cottages, we vacationed together since Quin joined us in Myrtle Beach this past summer.  Mr. Lock participated in a local musical theatre production, which was a really cool thing for him to do and which introduced us to many new local people to befriend.  It was a great way to extend our social circle, and it was an amazing show.  From that, we have attended a few fun parties and events with some new folks, too.  We celebrated 30th birthdays (Quin, Rick, me, and Dr. McVet all had 30th birthdays this year).

We have happy memories with our families.  We brought our puppy, Gryphon, home in February.  He has added a lot of fun to our life!  We went on summer family vacations -- I got two weeks in Myrtle Beach and then a week at Mr. Lock's family cottage.  We had fun events like our usual Oscar night competition, watching the Super Bowl together, celebrating family birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas celebrations (we had FOUR DAYS of events for Christmas, plus one of my family parties the weekend before).

This was an interesting year for my job, as I was declared surplus from the school I worked in for many years and had to change schools after the school year began.  This has had its challenged, but looking on the bright side I do see some benefits to this having happened (better commute, for one!).  I'm better as I've gotten older with managing change.  I can see it as a good thing. 

My family had some health challenges this year, and associated stress with that.  Fortunately, everyone made it through.  There is still a long road ahead for some of my family, but we are hopeful they have fight left in them and will see a happier and healthier 2016.

Mr. Lock and I, truth be told, have had a difficult time starting the family we'd like to have already started.  This isn't something I blogged about or was very vocal about.   Though, maybe it'd be better to just put it out there.  Anyway,  I am very, very hopeful that 2016 will be the year we can announce a human baby joining us.  Cross your fingers on our behalf, dear Internet.

I've noticed that 2015 was a year of watching A LOT of TV on Netflix. Haha.  It was not much of a reading year for me.  I think I embraced the easy distraction that TV provides, plus had a lot of fun discovering so much content on Netflix. 

This final week of 2015 involves a lot of fun social events with friends, some of whom we don't see that often.  Then, our usual Fancy Dress House Party for New Years Eve.  Au revoir, 2015!

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