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This is NOT a sponsored post.  I repeat, NOT sponsored.  Just me. In love.  With Netflix. 

So, this has been the "Summer of Netflix".  We have had Netflix for a few years now, since before we moved to this house.  I've been enjoying it for quite some time.  We typically pick a couple of shows we like to work our way through together and watch episodes before bed (Psych, oh how we loved Psych!).   This isn't new, we love Netflix.  I am a "binge" watcher of TV and probably have been since way before it was this convenient to do it.

However, I don't think I've ever worked through so many shows in one summer!  Or, perhaps I have but I'm forgetting that.  Here's what I watched on Netflix in Summer 2015:

Orange is the New Black, season 3
I've been watching OitNB since it began, and was so excited to have a new season to work through once I was done the school year.  I saved it so I could binge it.  It was awesome of course.  I actually don't care that much for the main character, Piper, anymore.  I think this is a common sentiment.  I care a lot more for the other characters.  I love the way the show always gives some back story for one of the inmates, leading you to understand how they got to prison but never quite finishing their story.  It just draws you in to wanting more, and wanting to discover which character's back story will be featured with each new episode you play.  A good friend loaned me the book, and I read it last April, so now I also find it interesting to see which parts of the show are drawn out of snippets from the book.

House of Lies, seasons 1-3
Not House of Cards!  This is the show with Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell.   Decided to give it a try, and made my way quite quickly through the 3 seasons available on Netflix.  It is funny, the characters are good, there is plenty of drama-llama.  There is also a lot of adult content, haha.  This was also the summer of me keeping my blinds closed sometimes in case neighbourhood kids could see into my windows and wondered WHAT I was watching midday... yipes! haha!  I've seen a few episodes of Kevin Spacey's House of Cards (it didn't grip me so I never continued), and so as much as they mix up the names of these shows at times, it is also interesting that Don Cheadle does that thing where he turns and talks to the camera sometimes.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
I started by watching the movie Wet Hot American Summer (2001), because I had never seen it before.  I figured it made sense to watch the movie first, then the series.  I was interested in giving this a try because of the cast -- almost all of whom I love in everything else they do.  It is a funny, quick 12 episodes.  Very silly humour, but enjoyable.  Hilarious to see these 40-something actors play 16-year-olds.  They seem to know what they are doing, and making it silly works just fine (the movie is campy/silly, too).

Schitt's Creek, season 1
Gave this Canadian show a try, and Mark and I both enjoyed it.  The characters are spoiled brats, so I could see how the humour may not be for *everyone*... but I liked it.  By the end of the season you definitely understand the characters and get a chuckle from their behaviours.  I look forward to watching more.

Started and still working on:
Sense 8
We've only watched the first couple of episodes so far.  I've heard good things about this, and it is intriguing.  I'm hooked enough to keep watching.

Bojack Horseman
We watched the first season and we like this sort of silliness, the actors in this show, and anything that might spoof Full House or similar, so this appeals to us.  We have started season two, but are just a couple of episodes in.  Now that we have finished Schitt's Creek we may go back to watching Bojack right before bed (must finish my evening on comedy/silly not on the drama/thrill of Sense 8, haha).

A show I had actually NEVER watched, and decided to give it a try since they have 9 seasons on Netflix and an 11th season airing this fall, figured there might be something to it -- I'm in season 2, it's actually quite cute/funny.  I like procedural shows like this (CSI, Criminal Minds, etc), but I like that it is lighter in nature than those (Criminal Minds can be downright SCARY, yo!).   I've been binge-watching this one like crazy this week since the weather has been so grey and it's my last free week before I start setting up my classroom.

Planning to eventually watch:

Other shows I watched on Netflix prior to this summer, and will continue to watch when new seasons are available:
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Brooklyn 99

Other shows I watched on Netflix prior to this summer, and are now finished the series:
Psych (<3 Shawn & Gus)

So, I've been Netflix-happy this summer and loving it.  I've always been a TV junkie (better vice than some!), so it is fun to get to indulge in so many programs.  We also like watching stand-up comedy specials on Netflix, and some movies too.  I definitely use it most for the TV shows. :-)  It is easy to watch a lot of shows when many of the seasons are only 12 episodes or so.   I do wish I was able to watch Parks & Recreation, but it is on American Netflix and not Canadian (yes, we have the ability to see it but not as conveniently as I'd like).

If you have Netflix recommendations, send them my way!  Just don't tell me more about House of Cards, I know people LOVE IT, but it wasn't my cup of tea.  I don't seem to be into political shows.  Just, apparently, nearly everything else! ;-)

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